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Well I have searched through the forums here to see if anyone has identified this great new platform opportunity for affiliate marketers and I am yet to find a post about it so thought I'd take the time to make those warriors that were not aware of it, aware of it.

So everyone has heard of Google Chrome right? and if you have heard of it and not yet using it, you are missing out big time.

Well on the 25th of Jan Google announced that extensions were now available to their latest stable release in windows. I'm not going to go into to much detail about what Google Chrome Extensions are, you can read all about theme here: What are extensions? : Extensions - Google Chrome Help

So whats this new platform opportunity for affiliate marketers then? Well, its using extensions to build extension apps that promote your affiliate links.

Why is this such a big opportunity? well Google Chrome, in my opinion is set to gain huge market share over other browser like IE and Firefox. Sure this is not going to happen overnight, but if you get in now with some cool browser extensions for chrome, you could end up with hundreds of thousands of people with your affiliate links right there in their browser.

Extensions are real easy to build, there are plenty of tutorials out there explaining how to build them.

Here is a basic idea..

1. Build an Amazon Extension which lists Hot new Deals, maybe filter your results by only showing the latests deals that have more than 30% off. Make sure the links to buy in Amazon contain your affiliate codes.

2. Publish this into the Google Extension Directory and some of the many new extension directory websites that are popping up allover the place and let them promote your extension for you.

3. Sit back and watch your commissions grow along side Google Chrome growing into the most popular web browser. The more people that start using Chrome, the more people will be looking for Google Chrome extensions

Right, I'm off to build my first Google Chrome Extension

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    Build a google chrome (or firefox) extension which examines HTML source of every rendered site before it displays.
    *Discretely* search/replace adsense code with yours before its rendered in the browser


    Bring out a new browser and name it Firehound. Make a deal with Google and build in your own "Google search bar" so people don't go to Google anymore, but instead googling right from within your new browser with your adsense ID embedded....

    Make people believe that the new browser is all "open source" and "non profit" and that you are just a bunch of nerds writing a new browser without any commercial intention.

    After the first $10M check from Google laugh

    Oh wait....
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      Hey, i recognize a great mind when i see it at work. Love your ideas ...*-)
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    Originally Posted by nichemarketninja View Post

    Right, I'm off to build my first Google Chrome Extension
    Me too, thats my next freebie
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