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by Nicholas Ho 3 replies
Hi guys,

So I am currently looking and evaluating what kind of site design is the best currently.
I can't manage to evaluate them myself.
So I need opinion from the experts.

If you are building a new site/ redesign a site for your clients, what kind of site will you build?
I know it has been asked a lot of times, but I need some specific answers/case studies.

For example : You are building a website for corporate company.

Option #1 :

- Design Like these : Sample 1 , Sample 2 , Sample 3

Option #2

- Or Design Like these : Sample 1 , Sample 2 , Sample 3

I know some will mention about conversion, but what conversion have to do with these kind of site?

Please let us know the reason you choose the design .
Plus, it will be great if you can tell which one is better for marketing too.

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    Hi Nicholas

    If you are building a site for a client, I think that you
    should provide him with a short list (3-5) of options
    and let him decide which design he prefers.

    That's what I would do.
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    Your question is very vague. I am a professional freelance designer and looked at the sites. To tell you the truth I would have taken a different approach on most of them.

    When designing a website the specific needs of the client must be met. Such a vague questions leaves the designer in a position as to what it is exactly the client does or wants to accomplish.

    What kind of site is best depends on your goal. Although a site template may work in some cases, a corporate site is build around the goal, not the goal stuffed into a site template.

    If you are desiring to build sites for yourself I recommend you do so in PHP which offers tremendous versatility. If you know HTML but have yet to come the understanding of PHP I have created a Video Training Series which lays a solid foundation of understanding.

    If you are looking for one on one training I consult web design for clients around the globe. See the testimony at the top of the above page.

    If you are looking for a freelance designer here's a sample of a corporate site I did which won an award:

    Kwes Radio

    This reply was not intended specifically to drum up business but to impress upon you that a site, regardless of purpose, is an entity in its own right and should be approached from wrapping the design around the goal and not stuffing the goal in a template.

    The first site has a video on it I recommend you watch.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Can y'all provide me some case studies/ examples of sites you will build based on the company's goal?

    See, if I were to build a site for a corporate company which specialize in event management and organizing trade exhibitions , how do you go about deciding which design is the best?
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