Does Your Customer Support Suck?

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Whats happening my warrior friends.

I wanted to post this real quick to get some feedback and start
a discussion on a CRUCIAL area of business.

Managing Customers.

First off, I'll start with a story then I'm going to see if anyone
has some advice for my current situation. I'm sure MANY warriors
have had to deal with something similar in the past.

Anyways, since implementing my forced continuity program
we have basically seen chargebacks go through the roof.

Money and sales is up... we're making a lot more ... but now
also having multiple thousands of dollars a month in chargebacks
and fees because of it.

And I have two major theories why...

1. The Maian Customer support ticket center I use absolutely
sucks and email is not getting delivered or some how getting
lost. Becuase these people say they try to contact us but
we handle all the tickets and still have tons of chargebacks.

2. People are just doushe bags and will call their credit card
company rather than take the time to submit a ticket online
and get their problem solved.

For the record... I AM definitely in the process of switching
out my entire back end funnel to build more trust with
my customers.

If i have one piece of advice for anyone thinking about going
the forced continuity route... make sure your back end
funnel really ESTABLISHES trust for a long time... because
we pretty much didn't change our funnel and just added in
forced continuity on our front end and saw a decline in back
end sales and more chargebacks.

Like I said, it's still not a bad thing because sales are up...

But its still a crucial thing to make sure you're customers
know about it, don't feel deceived, and you build TONS
of trust and value on the back end...

My question is this though...

Does anyone have a support module they would recommend
as fantastic... or another method of support they like better
then the 'ticket center' route?

I know eban pagan seems to do it by email.

When we were doing it by email the inbox was ALWAYS full
as crap. Plus people would be responding and there was lots
of stuff to weed through. On top of spam which some how
gets in there.

Any fellow successful warriors have some input they can share
about their favorite support modules?

I'm thinking about going with a different system then the free
maian which a friend set up for me... and getting something
a bit more high quality. Any advice would rock!

Thanks in advance,
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