Example of How NOT to write emails to your List! Unbelievable but worth looking at just for a laugh!

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I just thought I would post this for the hell of it. It's a copy of an email I received a few days ago. The subject line was so bad (typos etc) that I was completely intrigued and felt compelled to open it just to see what it said. It was from a lady called Sally although in the email she's called Josh (lol) Needless to say I didn't follow the links to the Product but it did make me laugh.

*NOTIFICATION: PAYMENT 0F $20 RECEIVED* requested we send you this e-mail including this personal note:
================================================== ====================

Hi Friend,


Dear Income/opportunity Seeker,

If you're looking out a real system that'll really work
and really pays your hardwork on the internet, you've
finally found what you're looking for...

I'm Josh, I found a website on the internet 5 days ago.
It looks like this site is hyping me that makes me feel
so intrigue with the system. I've made a purchase since
it is inexpensive. I've tried it, setting it up, follow
instructions and after 45 minutes everything's okay!

After that, I leave it and don't care about it! I thought
it's just another "possible scam" on the internet. But 3
days after, when I used to login in my account after I have
set it up it amazed me and blown me up because in my account
I have an earnings of $480 with no work at all! When I checked
my email, I saw many emails saying "Payment 0f $20 Received!"
I can't hardly believe on that. I contacted the support of the
website where I bought the system. I emailed him and told if
this is REAL & TRUE. In less than an hour, the support answered
and told me what was happening is ALL REAL and no GIMMICKS!

Discover it here undoubtedly:
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    Wow, what a great email. I'm sold. Where's the link so I can get in on this fantastic opportunity?

    I guess if these people send out millions of these emails they will find a few people to click, sign up, or what ever they're trying to accomplish. I get so many emails like this every day. I usually just delete them without opening them but they are good for a laugh sometimes.

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    You are in trouble now. My copy you are posting in your OP is being my orignl kopywright. Seace and disist or else.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Hay that guy / girl learnd to spell like me
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    Lucky - I never get any of the good offers!
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    That looks like how my dad would write something.
    If you believe it, you can achieve it.
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    People still use that email?

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    I got one that said 'Here is your free package' in the title

    the body was completely blank.:confused:

    now there is some truth!

    (I knew it was out there... Moulder told me!)
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    This is hilarious. These types of emails have been circulating for years now, which leads me to believe that even with the abysmally low conversion rates they inevitably have, mailing them out in massive quantities still generates sufficient money for them to keep doing it - it's a numbers game after all....lol.
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    I feel a song coming on.

    Hype me, make me feel so intrigued
    Amaze me, blow me up
    Put it all in my account and contact support
    Yeah baby your gimmicks are 100% real

    Wasn't that swiped from the Beatles?

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    heheh you know I always am amazed at what some people will do to try and make a quick buck. Like those people that email blast a billion scraped emails and saying nothing but...

    "buy (insert prescriction drug here) only $4 a pill - click here"

    Seriously I can't imaging these people making any money doing something like this... Especially when it's common knowledge that garbage like that usually goes right to the spam box before it's even seen... Oh well. Thanks for sharing that was pretty funny.
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    So sad, so sad...somewhere a village is missing their idiot.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    You subscribed to HER list ?!

    (or was it a spam mail??????????)

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