Newcomers: Simple and Effective 7 Step Plan to Make 1-2k a Month and Beyond

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Hi folks, this is one for the newcomers to this forum and making money online.

There was a recent thread started asking how to make just 1k a month. The person had tried a few systems out and had seen no success as of yet and wanted to make enough cash to live. They estimated this to be around 1k a month. I have been in a similar position before and shared a seven-step plan to achieve this that I used a little over a year and a half ago.

The system is still relevant today and my post seemed to be well received, but some Warriors mentioned they'd like a little more detail. That thread degenerated a little and looked like it was going to get deleted. Rather than put the detailed version in there, I thought I'd post it here. This is specifically aimed at people who have yet to make money and would like to make some cash while they learn about the industry that is Internet Marketing.

If you liked this thread, I'd love it if other Warriors contributed with some of their ideas , thoughts experiences and plans to make a couple grand a month in a newcomer's initial months in Internet marketing. This is the first time I have "given-back" to this forum that has given so much, so I have tried to make this post as good as it can be. I'll stop waffling and cut to the chase now:

My Seven Step Quick Income Plan

If you want to make 1k-2k a month then I am going to give you a detailed break down of how I did it a little over a year and a half ago. I did it by selling services to webmasters. It's not for everyone and I'll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this system in this post as well. Before I go on, I'd like to say, although this is essentially freelancing, I never once advertised or found work on any freelance sites such as elance etc. I'll explain in detail how I got customers in this post.

Some Background:

I had just graduated from University and lived in a remote and rural part of the UK. There were some low-paid seasonal jobs available in my area, but I took a decision I would never work such jobs locally again. I wanted to make my own money until I got good at building a business or until I found a job. I found a job, but used this system for several months to make enough money so I could travel the country to go to job interviews, networking events and so I had enough money to live, run my car, phone and have some pocket change to have some nights out with friends. I worked part time at this system, I decided what hours I worked and in a typical month I would earn between 1k-2k USD a month. Not a lot of money by English standards, but it was all I needed, and it was a start.

The Business Plan in a Nutshell:

I didn't have too much knowledge or skills at the time, so I used what I had, which was a reasonable grasp of the English language. I then assessed what webmasters need and what problems they came across. A lot of them needed content, a lot of them needed backlinks. I could do both easily. I could do video, audio and article content (and I did).
I didn't stop there, I decided on a USP as well (a Unique Selling Point). I had read enough forum threads here and elsewhere that content creators had a reputation of being unreliable and would often disappear after taking the cash. I decided to be reliable, affordable and VERY fast with turnaround times in as little as a couple of hours some times and 24 hours maximum (usually and depending on the order). Good communication and speed were my USP's.
I effectively sketched out a little business plan in one of my notebooks that I keep. I decided what I was going to sell, at what prices and how I would get customers. I covered the basics.

The Seven Steps (In Detail):

1. I created a small website advertising my services. Just a couple pages, about me, my services and a contact form.
I did this by getting a super cheap account with Hostgator (it was less than five bucks a month) and then I installed a wordpress script on my hosting using the Fantastico icon on the cpanel. (New people, learn about cpanel, fantastico and wordpress when making your first site. It will make life so much easier, PM me if you have further questions about this).
It was a basic wordpress site and I installed a nice looking free theme on it. Wrote a couple of pages of the essentials on (no need for any hypey or complex copy) and I was ready to go.
When I did this, I had never made a website or ran one before. I learnt from scratch, bought a course from a Warrior on how to setup and edit wordpress, and then went and applied what I had discovered (still my best move to this day). If I hadn't overcome the "create a website hurdle" I wouldn't be doing this today.

2. I advertised my services in my forum signature links. I belong to several web forums such as this one. Out of respect for Allen and this forum, I won't list them all here. I went to each forum and put a small line of text with a link to my site in my signature link.
The signature link is the lines of text that appear by default every time you create a post, just underneath your post. You can edit them on any forum's "User CP". You can find this on the Warrior Forum in the top left-hand-side of the screen.
I can't remember what the text said, but it basically just said what I did. I.e. "Get articles for $5. Fast, Reliable Service". It was something along those lines. Anything will do really, as long as the text gets to the heart of what you are offering.

3. I setup a Twitter account. I made sure my website url was on my Twitter profile. I saw a lot of threads on this forum and others about people joining Twitter. Anyone who asked people to connect with them on Twitter got added to my Twitter.
I NEVER marketed aggressively or consistently. I just chatted with people, shared ideas and made some new friends. Don't abuse Twitter by using it as an advertisement bill-board. It isn't one and is unlikely to ever be one. By this point, people were finding me on Twitter and contacting me to do work for them.

4. I tweeted a special offer on Twitter. So there was a week where work was slow. I figured it was time to get my name out there. I Tweeted on Twitter that I was offering a free article to the first 5 people that asked. A few people got in touch, I did a free article for them all and all of them seemed satisfied. I got three new orders from that activity and a much busier week than I had first anticipated!

5. I got put on a small retainer. One person liked me so much and had enough work for me to do to setup a contract with me and put me on a $500 retainer. This person gave me consistent work and income, I was very grateful. This person found me on the Warrior Forum and is a friend of mine today. Several of my clients from this period of my life are friends to this day.

6. These people knew other webmasters, entrepreneurs and business people online. My clients recommended me to their friends and peers which meant the work didn't dry up for me. If you do something well, and people like you, they'll help you get more business by talking about you to people they know could use your services. This is the power of building and maintaining relationships with people in life, online, offline, personally and in business. It's an important lesson that I am forever mindful of in everything I do.

7. I offered more services. Throughout this journey, I had discovered how to create a wordpress website, so I offered it as a service. I offered SEO services. I was always learning and expanding what I could do. This meant I could reach and work with more customers and I enjoyed it.
It was at this point I found a well-paid job in Internet and Direct marketing and I gave up my freelancing. I don't regret that decision, but I always wondered what would happen if I had ever scaled up my operations? Who knows. No point on dwelling on that though, the point is, whilst this can be hard work, the business model has a lot of potential.

So there are the seven steps in a bit more detail for those that were interested.

I'd like to briefly talk about why this business model works and why it doesn't, because it is not for everyone. But this approach and system was ideal for me when I was desperate, needed cash fast and needed to make things happen. Not only did I make money I learnt a lot about business, people and myself.


1. I met A LOT of people and it led to me getting the job I had last year. Some of these people have sent business my way for my new venture as recently as this month and I still talk to one old client regularly on the phone. Contacts are valuable, and I love meeting and interacting with people. The people I connected with has been the best part of this experience for me.

2. It forced me out of my comfort zone. I did things that scared me and I had previously found difficult (like creating a website).

3.I learnt so much from this, and in turn acquired a skill-set that I could use and sell as services. I was always leveraging what I had learnt and my prior successes.

4. I worked part time hours.

5. I decided when, where and how I wanted to work.

6. This is work people online will always need. I had virtually no "online skills" but I still made myself valuable to webmasters. With the growth of the Internet there is still so much opportunity in this industry/marketplace.

7. You can still beat the competition. My USP's were based on what I observed what was going on in the market. I looked at where a lot of service providers were failing, and I made sure I didn't make the same mistakes. I communicated effectively, worked hard and fast and delivered. You too can stand out from the crowd of other people doing this.


1. It can take up a lot of time.

2. You have to have a good work ethic.

3. You are swapping time for cash, which is very like a job.

4. It doesn't initially generate massive cash.

This system has it's limitations, but it also has it's potential. Lets assume you decide to work on this full time on this for a couple of months. You cover your living costs and make and also make a profit. Now, with this profit you can hire a virtual team to help you take on more work, or you can invest it in another money-making project which you can develop on the side. This is a way in which you can scale-up your business and income. If you approach this as a small business and with the right attitude, you can make as much money as you need.

In summary, I think this works for people who are just getting started in online marketing are good workers and are keen to learn more about the industry. It's especially useful for those who need to make some quick cash. Again, it's not for everyone, but for those that it does apply to, to make this work, all you need to do is put a little bit of effort in and treat it like a business. If you choose to do something like this, I wish you all the very best and good fortune. If you ever have a question, feel free to reach out to me at some point. This forum has given me so much and I owe it and the people in it so much, but that story is for another post.

To help answer some questions some of you might be asking after reading this I have put together a few articles and blog posts as further reading to help you. I have also included a couple of useful resources:

What is Twitter? Twitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What is Cpanel? cPanel Inc.
What is Fantastico? Fantastico
Wordpress? WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform
Good Host with Cpanel Feature : Web Hosting Services, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers by HostGator (no affiliate link)
Helpful article about businesses and Twitter: Twitter 101 for Business ? A Special Guide
A good place to buy domain names: Browser Update Page (no affiliate link)

P.s. If you have anything to share that you think might help newcomers and intermediates make their first couple grand, then I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd also like to hear any opinions people have to this business model and the particular approach I took to it. Thanks so much for reading.

Wishing you Success

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  • Profile picture of the author Mr. Enthusiastic
    Thanks, Alex!

    My strongest area is USP & strategy. You found your USP pretty quickly. For those are struggling to figure one out, I highly recommend the book Blue Ocean Strategy. The idea is that there are shark-infested waters - the "red oceans" - but there are also vast new territories that are safe to explore, just waiting to be discovered - the "blue oceans."

    The entire book is great but let me pass along one tidbit.

    Think about the lifecycle of any purchase.
    1. Purchase
    2. Delivery or installation
    3. Use
    4. Maintenance
    5. Accessories or supplements
    6. Disposal, removal, recycling

    Now think of six aspects of excellence in a product or service:
    a. Customer productivity
    b. Ease of use
    c. Convenience
    d. Fun and image
    e. Risk reduction
    f. Environmental friendliness

    This gives you a matrix of 36 opportunities to improve anything.

    In Alex's case,
    1b purchase is easy
    2c delivery of the service is convenient
    3e use of the service has low risk

    If you use this checklist, you can pretty quickly spot what's uniquely great about your offer. For each combination, ask yourself: how could I go way beyond the average in this area? You'll always find a few ways to do something that's really great. And there's your USP!

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      Originally Posted by tausif View Post

      To be frank with you, I hate to read as I am a lazy guy, but your post actually kept me reading the whole stuff. That shows how amazing writer you are. It just my opinion and according to me you are good.
      What you said in your response meant a lot to me, and I am very grateful you took time to write that.

      If writing is not your strong point, then you are right to look for other ways you can contribute and be of help. There is an incredible amount of things webmasters need doing.

      Here is an idea for you: Backlinking.

      Usually, with directory submissions and backlinking, the webmaster provides all the text and content you need to do the backlinking. You just have to go to the websites and start submitting the information. This is one way in which you can overcome the language issue and make money at the same time.

      Best of luck to you.


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    • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill
      Originally Posted by tausif View Post

      To be frank with you, I hate to read as I am a lazy guy, but your post actually kept me reading the whole stuff. That shows how amazing writer you are. It just my opinion and according to me you are good.

      The problem I face is that I have some weak grammar and therefore...
      I don't mean to be critical, but if you move beyond the laziness you claim and start reading regularly, that will improve your grammar without additional effort on your part.

      Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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  • Profile picture of the author TheProdigy
    Great well laid out post.

    One thing I'd like to point out to some of the new guys as well.

    Don't give up. If this is what you want to do, it can be done. It might take longer than you want or planned on, but never give up and always work hard.
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  • Profile picture of the author EndGame
    Thanks Chris.

    I love the user-friendly strategic approach you take to determining the USP and positioning of your service, product or business. I'll be adding that book to my reading list.


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  • Profile picture of the author gdbytotheman
    Thanks for all the work, and the layout you gave us to follow.
    I'm still don't know enough to use it, but I'll keep learning until
    I do!! Thanks again.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sparhawke
    Thanks for posting, I saw you post in another thread but cannot for the life of me find it now (computer crashed before I remembered to subscribe lol)
    “Thinking is easy, Acting is difficult
    And to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world ~ Goethe”
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  • Profile picture of the author GMD
    Thanks for this. It will help somebody out.

    Your suggestion is, for sure, for those who have an interest/ability in putting their writing skills to work for themselves.

    In the War Room, I remember reading a great eBook from a member who talked about getting $5 per article written. He gave several sources where there is a need for this and even discussed how he first started offering his services on the Warrior Forum.

    He offered anybody the option of writing a free article from him. If they were happy, they were free to purchase more articles from him (topics their choice) for $5 each.

    He did 6 articles @ $5 each every day -- $30 bucks each day for 2 hours work.

    Eventually, he was able to command $10 and then $15 per article.

    So if you think about it, and you put your money where your mouth is, anybody who has a little skill at writing can easily make 30, 40, 50 or even $100 day just doing this.

    I know if I had nothing else going for me, this is something that I could do. Write all day and then drink all night. LOL

    Because of the connections you can make in the warrior forum, it would be easy to snag a few $5 sales on customized articles.
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  • Profile picture of the author EndGame
    Thanks for the input guys.

    Usuallyclueless, you got it in one. This model does have potential and is something you can scale up and grow over time. In some ways I wish that was what I did, in other ways I am glad I focussed on what I did.

    For anyone out there who read my post and thought it might be a bit too complicated and/or expensive to buy a domain name and hosting, I thought I'd make this whole process a hundred times easier, by removing the most complex element (building website) and replacing it with free, faster/easier alternatives.

    The following is a list of places where you can create your own websites/webpages for free. Most of these places have free video tutorials and guides teaching you how to build the actual web pages, and even better than that, some of these sites have "drag-and-drop" functionality.

    Here is the list:

    1. — Get a Free Blog Here (be careful about being too commercial here, they take it pretty seriously)
    3.Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog
    4. Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting
    5. BlinkWeb - Free Internet Marketing Website or Blog!
    7. Create a Free Website , Free Flash Website Builder at
    8. Make a free website-Webnode

    The above list is compiled through a mixture of personal experience and a Google search. All those websites are worth checking out to see which one works for you.

    So now, you don't need to mess around with domain names or building a website, you can simply just visit the above links, build really nice looking free webpages and websites in an hour or less and be ready to start your freelancing business in the next couple hours.

    I hope this makes things less intimidating and a little easier for people.

    Best of luck with it.


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  • Profile picture of the author colinph970
    Wise advice and another great post Alex. I make good money doing exactly what you describe so I guess I'm a living example that it works. Just to add another offer....if anyone needs advice on any of this just shoot me a pmail and I will respond.
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  • Profile picture of the author TylerF
    Great job detailing your journey.

    However I'm sure most people will just read it and brush it off because they see it as hard work. Too much hard work in fact, compared to the dream "one-button-push-it-get-money" snakesoil salesman sold them on.

    This is truly the way to freedom from a normal day job since you can take your days off whenever you like.
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  • Profile picture of the author EndGame
    Thanks Colin and Tyler for the support and the input.

    When I wrote this post I didn't like the title. I tried to moderate the tone of the title so it didn't come across as a sleezey sales pitch.

    Nothing about what I wrote is exciting, sexy, dynamic, ground-breaking or particularly interesting. But it's a method that I know with 100% confidence works. It works and it is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. It's a way out, a way in and a small way you can help yourself if you ever find yourself in a financially challenging environment.

    Due to the marketing a lot of people are subjected to, when they say they want to make money online, they mean they want to work as little as possible and make money using online technologies. This just isn't the reality of the situation until you put the hard work in, get some success, leverage it, and then work less in future for more money! The hard work always comes first though I think, and I am a big believer in that.


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  • Profile picture of the author theunknownthem
    So what size articles are these for $5? Is it the roughly 100 words per $1?

    How long does it take to write said article on average?

    How good do the articles need to be? Just string some sentences together that make sense but don't really go anywhere, or do they need to be deep and thought out?

    I would really like some examples of good versus bad, or at least details of what makes good versus bad. I used to be pretty good at writing, second highest essay grade on my classes graduation test back in high school. I did go to school in Georgia so that might not be saying much, I've also had plenty of liquor since then to kill off brain cells.

    I guess in other words, my only hangup on doing this as well as writing my own articles, is over shooting quality. I went to write some articles for a blog I was going to start having to do with arthritis, a problem I know well. I ended up with two days of research and nothing written because I was going about it like it was a college thesis or something.

    Also, when should or could you start charging more?

    Is there really that much need for copywriters out there? That's 6.666 repeating, a day to get to $1000 in a 30 day month.

    I guess that's why one needs to branch out.

    Sorry, not putting any of your information down or anything. I'm just curious and learning, I don't mean any disrespect or anything. I'll probably start working on this kind of thing for a bit once I get my product page up and running.

    Thanks for the info and you can pm me if you'd rather
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  • Profile picture of the author EndGame
    Hey unknown,

    I will try to answer your question as best as I can, but if I don't get time to answer it all now, I promise to come back to it tomorrow and answer it more fully.

    I had the same problem you as well. I graduated with a law degree and wrote each article like one of my Uni essays. The point of creating this content is to engage a wide an audience as possible in your client's product, site or brand. Therefore you have to write in a way that speaks to a lot of people. I THINK the average reading age of people in countries like the US, Aus and UK is around a 12 year-old standard.

    With the above in mind it's important to be conversational in your article and concise. I liked to make no more than 3-5 key points in my article, which would be sandwiched by an introduction and a conclusion.

    So the intro would briefly describe what the article was going to talk about/what problem it was going to solve. I would mention the three points I intended to make in the article. I then dedicated a paragraph to each point to expand on what I was saying. I'd wrap it up with a conclusion and a strong call to action.

    Clear English and a clear message is all you need to write content for this market. As a good way to see some good examples of the kind of content you should be emulating, go to and find the top authors there and look at how some of their articles are structured and written. With your background it should not be difficult for you to emulate their style.

    Yes, $5 an article sucks, but you price it like that for two reasons. Your competitors are charging crazily low-rates, and you are not yet established in the marketplace. You can increase your prices when you are beyond doubt providing better content or a better service than many of your competitors. Perhaps when you have between 4-6 people ready to recommend you to their peers and friends is a good indication of when your services might be worth more.

    But remember, although you are selling services, you are still a a marketer and still marketing yourself. Up-sell some services!

    For example, some one wants you to write 10 articles. They tell you it's for ezinearticles (always ask what the content will be used for to give you a feel on how the content should read, I always think blog posts are greatly different to ezinearticles). Knowing it's for ezinearticles, you could say to that person that for a dollar or two more per article, you'd right an author bio for them (the call to action at the bottom of the articles) and you would submit them to ezinearticles as well.

    I also started doing wordpress installs for people once I had figured out how to do it. I just used fantastico, or FTP'd it for them and then added some plugins and sent the client their login details. I charged $50 for that service.

    This model can be hard work at the start, but as I mentioned in my previous posts, leverage what you know and your previous successful projects and you can soon start charging more and offering a more diverse (and expensive) portfolio of services.

    Start small, grow big. Some people do make a full time income from this, and there is a huge demand for good copywriters. HOWEVER copywriting is a whole different ball-game. I didn't actually do any copywriting for anyone, I created content and I think there is a slight difference in the context of internet marketing and advertising.

    I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know if I missed anything.


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  • Profile picture of the author theunknownthem
    Thank you for that post, it was very informational in answering my questions.

    That format for a paper is pretty much the standard here, or at least was when I was back in high school. I never went to college so no paper writing there. I only had to write one semi paper in the Navy and I was awarded one of my favorite praises I've ever been given. It went something like "This is the most negative, sarcastic pieces of sh*t I have ever read" And that came from an E8, which is usually someone that's been in for over 25 years. He was even less happy when I took it as a compliment.

    I read a pdf in the War Room that listed ghostwriting to make a $100 a day and had it listed as $10 an article. I'm not sure what the going rate is on here, are there other niches that require the same skills and use that are willing to pay more? I had heard of one but not sure what kind of writing reality requires. My other question off of it, do you think the Dragon Naturally Speaking would help speed up the process? I know that can depend a lot on the person's Typing speed, I type in the 80's with correction as I go. I can't ever leave an error that I can see as I'm typing, I have to go back and correct it even if I'm told to leave it for the test.

    In the past I have done web design but used only standard html and css, with one joomla, one drupal, and one modx just to learn about content management systems. I have always stayed away from wordpress. I did install it on my hostgator through the fantastico and that couldn't be made any easier. I should be able to design my own front ends for them, the visual side of it. I don't know anything about WP plugins, what's good, what's useless, what's amazing but cost a small fortune. I guess I should get to researching those type things.

    I also need to look into article submission as I have not done any and need to learn to do it whether for my personal sites or to make extra money.

    So my only real question left is how do you find work? Does one need to pay the $20 under the Warrior for Hire? Even to offer some free articles? I don't want to have to throw up another $20 right now for that. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author enwereuzo
    Also good customer service and entering into a growing market plays a role.
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  • Profile picture of the author EndGame
    Hello again Unknown,

    Points 2-4 in my original post cover what you are asking. I never once spent on advertising, but it is certainly an option. You could spend 20 bucks on an ad here, or on advertising your services in the warrior's freelancers section. It's up to you.

    You can do this without spending a penny however, and I cover that in my original post. Advertising in your signature link on relevant forums where you are active and networking with Twitter.


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  • This business model really does work. I actually charge 4 X that with my articles, and I still stay busy with work--and I do get most of my customers off elance. That said, Twitter would be great for this and I need to put in some energy over there.

    If you want money now, this is the way to go. Great post Alex.

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