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Howdy Warriors,

I'm currently enjoying a hobby as an SEO/PPC Consultant for a web design company.

Anyhow, for the next SEO proposal, I need to work on an Ecommerce site powered by Volusion shopping cart (.asp). The site URL & code is somewhat SE-friendly already, so the ASP developer work will probably be just to re-organize the site's layout & architecture to make it more SEO-friendly =P.

Anyway, what I'm trying to ask is:

"HOW DO I FIND A RELIABLE .asp DEVELOPER--because the guy who owns the web design company said that he'd be more 'confident' if I have worked with the ASP developer before?"

*I think what he means is an ASP developer who is reliable and know what they are doing .

Anyway, if you know where I can find one, please let me know.

~Mint Tree~
P.S. Truth be told: I feel more confident in outsourcing the work to a warrior than other places (e.g. DP forum .
P.P.S. I'm actually an old WF member but have forgotten the email to the old account =( so I'm using this new one for this now)...

At any rate, if you can answer the above question, I'm pretty much appreciated:

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    First of all you need to figure out if you need an ASP developer or a ASP.NET developer. They're two very different technologies although they're both from Microsoft. ASP is older technology and people who know it and who're willing to still work in it won't be as available.
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      First of all I would like to say I'm glad to join WarriorForum and hope the community will help me explore new ideas and business opportunities.

      I'm running a small Volusion services company since 2006 and our services includes Volusion template design, data entry and Volusion API programming.

      You are right, Volusion has inbuilt SEO powers and you can make URLs keyword rich.

      Since the shopping cart is not open source, they do not let ASP developers to play with their code however you can re-skin the templates if you are good with HTML, CSS & Java script.

      PM me with detailed specs if you still need help.

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