I Want to Dominate Clickbank with Article Marketing

by Damz
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I'm struggling to make at least $1000 a month with clickbank using only article marketing. I mention my plan below and I worked on it since January 1st 2010...But I could only made 3 sales over a 2000 hops totaling $85.I submitted over 100+ articles on 20+ directories.
To be honest I'm promoting Acne,PE and Panic attack products.

1.Write and submit 3 articles a day on researched low competition keywords.
2.social bookmarking after they are approved.
3.Redirect visitors to a blog (on a .com domain)
4.I upsell products on my blog...

My questions are;
1.Which are the best converting products/niches on Clickbank?
Is there something wrong with my products?
2.Should I use squeeze page to increase my sales?
3.Why my conversion rate is low? and how to increase it?

Help me to make at least one sale a day consistently.

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    one skill you need to horn very well if you want to make a headway selling online is PATIENCE!

    yes you are doing it right, at least you have made a sale.

    i am not saying you are going to make the $1000 this month but if your articles are rich with the right keyword, with time, those article will start bringing in your desired $$$.

    that is how article marketing is. slow but very effective!
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      Maybe it is something wrong with your products, also no matter what others say for me the EZA and not only views are slow compared with one year ago, for example. You get the idea...
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    yes...Im doing all these..
    A)my content are 100% unique and keyword based.
    B)I regularly submit my articles to the hubpages,wordpress,blogger and few other web 2.0 sites and also building backlinks to performing articles..
    C) I use Incansoft social bot and RSS bot to soical bookmark and rss submit.

    I think getting targeted traffic is not the problem for me,But why my conversions are really low? how can I increase my conversion rate at least 100:1?
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    One thing you can try to check is that your articles could be saying one thing, then the sales page of the product you are promoting will be saying something totally different - thus the good number of hops but low conversion.
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    Thanks Alexa...
    can you share your exact methods of article marketing with clickbank..
    1.How many articles do you submit a day?
    2. Is the problem with my products? what are the best converting products?
    3.Do u use landing page/ squeeze page?

    Why do u say the problem with the articles it self? they are 400 word articles written by hired writer...and I followed some threads here how to write articles..curiosity..resource box..etc
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    Originally Posted by DamZ View Post

    1.Which are the best converting products/niches on Clickbank?
    Is there something wrong with my products?
    2.Should I use squeeze page to increase my sales?
    3.Why my conversion rate is low? and how to increase it?
    1. No way to know this for sure. Best option is to test different offers using tracking202/prosper202 and see what converts best for your site.
    2. Yes I would definitely start building a list. But the main point is you have to presell your affiliate product on your page. Try to draw the customer in and play on their emotions. Sell them the outstanding benefits from buying the product. MAKE them want to click your link to the product.
    3. Just keep trying. It does take time. Maybe try to build backlinks to some of your better performing(most viewed) articles submitted. Also try to include some other types of marketing for your site-social, video, podcasting.

    If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. - Bruce Lee

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    What kind of click through rate percentage are you getting on your articles' resource box?
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    You are doing better than alot of poeple in a similar postion are doing, but in my opinion these topics (acne and panic attacks) are used too widely within IM. The competition is fierce. I alone have many ebooks and articles in these fields alone!
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    If you only have 2000 hops from 100 articles, the articles aren't good, your keywords are too competitive, or your presell is no good. 3 sales for 2000 hops makes me think that your presell needs work, so tweak that first. Then work on writing a better resource box, then start finding keywords that get 1500+ searches a month with less than 10,000 searches. Lastly work on writing better titles; if you have 100 articles you should have at least 100,000 views
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    To be honest, one month of article marketing is not much to go on. My experience is to build momentum and remember that others will publish your articles etc giving you more exposure as time goes on. Concentrate more on the quality of articles rather than pure quantity, I know you said you outsourced them, but make sure they are up to par and change writer or give them more details of what you need i.e at least 2 pieces of really valuable information within the article to make the reader trust you or add something to them if you need to.

    I think your niches are ok, but personally, I frown on giving health advice in serious conditions such as panic attacks unless you REALLY know what you are talking about. Not saying you don't, for all I know you may be a health professional or have had it yourself and know what works but if not, it may be best to give them a wide berth. Not sure what you mean by "PE" but it sounds like it's also health related. Remember people are looking for advice which will directly impact their health.

    If I were you I'd move away from health subjects for article marketing (I know there will be some that balk at that statement) and try out say music related or even animal training or something there are hundreds to choose from where people are just begging to buy the product.

    Hope you get on track

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    One thing to remember is that the articles you created will continue to get views and hopefully continue to make money as well, even if you didn't write anymore.

    This is the part where a lot of people give up, out of frustration of not seeing better results.

    Kudos to you for writing 100 articles, you are certainly taking this seriously as well as consistently.

    I'd suggest trying a few additional products, and doing it through other vendors. Try finding some niches that aren't as mega popular as the ones you currently have, and gauge your results.

    If you write, for example 10 articles per niche, it would allow you to see the traffic as well as if you get any bites from your readers, before developing things in further detail.


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    It is pretty well established in marketing circles that it takes the average person to get 5-7 "reminders" about a product before they actually purchase. So if you have had 2000 hops and you do not have a way of re-connecting with those prospects (i.e. an opt-in form) then you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table.
    Your articles are obviously working as the people are clicking on the links, but if they're going straight to the sales page and it is not converting then maybe you should try another product.
    In the mean time though definitely set up an opt-in form before sending them to the sales page.
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    I'll add my two cents:

    1 - listen to anything Alexa says...she's pretty darn sharp and has helped me more than once. So listen and take notes.

    2 - You need to make sure you're comparing apples to apples here when looking at your states. You got 2k hops from 100+ articles, true...but those 100+ articles were published on 20+ directories you say. So that's actually 2k hops from 2k+ articles pages (i.e. - how many pages your info were published on). Not that good. Not talking smack, just making sure you realize what you're looking at.

    3 - Why are you getting the clicks you are? There are two main reasons people end up finding your article:

    A) Your article ranks in google for a given KW.

    B) Your article was still on the front page of the articles site (or subdirectory of the site) as having been "recently published". This is very likely the reason you got the hops you did. Though this would be easy enough to test - you know what KWs you used in having your articles written - do searches in google, yahoo, and bing to see if your articles are ranking.

    4 - As was said before, if you want your articles to rank in the SERPs, KW research is *crucial*...this will make or break your efforts...and is tougher than most people think, IMO. On the surface, it would seem that KWs that have a good ratio of searches:results in SERP would be good to rank for. While this is often true, there are certain KW (depending on the niche) that might be a lot of searches, but just aren't "buying" KWs. In other words, it's the kinda thing that's typed in by people looking for free info.

    Now, this can vary a lot from niche to niche, and it sounds like you've got niches (as others have echoed already) that people are looking to buy solutions to...though they are very competitive.

    (Which, again, would lend itself to the idea that people are seeing your articles from being listed in "newly published" listings.)

    5 - Article marketing is a funny animal, really. B/c here's a question to ask yourself - when you do a google search on a subject...of any kind...how often do articles at articles directories come up in your searches? And if they do, how often do you click on them?

    I ask b/c for me, the answer is virtually never. Though I know others will disagree with me.

    However, I will gladly (and much more often) click on an article that is published on an authority site. So, if you were looking for info on how to stop panic attacks, would you be more likely to click on an article (even if it was the exact same article) that was published at an articles directory, or a medical site? I dunno about you, but for me, it'd be the latter.

    So really, the latter would be a much better place to get your articles published. Your articles are usually deemed with more authority, the people at the site reading are much more targeted, and the backlinks you get to your blog will (in some instances) have more link juice simply b/c it's from a more relevant site (depending on the ranking of the site and all of course).

    But, it also brings about a whole new set of challenges...namely, you have to know what you're talking about in the subject (hiring out to ghost writers likely isn't that good of an idea). It also requires more work in that you need to communicate with people associated with the website, get them to agree to publish your stuff, submit your content, them agree, them actually publish it, etc. There is a ton more involved.
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    I do just fine in a couple of those niches, but here's why...

    I don't promote the top products. I tested them and they didn't convert for me. So I tried out a few of the lesser known products and found a few that worked.

    Stop picking the popular ones by default and test them against some of the other products. The results may surprise you.
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    Gee there are a lot of variables in that one, however, I would say that if you are getting over 2000 hops then your articles are doing their jobs. I would say that 3 out of 2000 would indicate that either the product does not match the traffic or probably more the case is that the product sales page is just plain useless. This is off the cuff but I would work on setting up a great landing page and do some serious pre selling before sending them to the sales page. Maybe do an experiment and by pass the vendor sales page and go straight to the order form.

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