All these in under a minute!

by Neil Morgan 8 replies
Around 5 minutes ago, the following 4 things all happened within the space of about 60 seconds:

1. I received a very nice email from a prospective customer which I enjoyed replying to.

2. I got an order from another new customer.

3. I got an order from an existing customer.

4. I got a message through my contact form that said f*** you.

Gotta love the Internet!


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    Did I misspell "Thank you" Neil?

    just kidding with you

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    Nice of that cockney chap to say "fank you"

    I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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    Yea, I think it is normal to have some customers that are not happy, though I'm not sure if that was the case for #4. I just always try to make sure I understand WHY they are not happy so that I can try to help them, as well as avoid the same problem in the future.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Thanks Greg.

    Happily, the positives outweigh the negatives in this game!



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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