Do you learn from history? Have you trained yourself to see money beyond our normal five senses?

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History has a way of repeating itself if we don't learn from it. The shake-up of the United State economy now has impacted on virtually all the nations of the world. Here in Africa there have been fears that the nations' vulnerable, lopsided economies will be worst hit. But God has a way of protecting the vulnerable. African nations seem to be least scathed by the present torpedo sweeping through the world's financial arena. For once, Africa seems to be in exultation as it appears to be the only continent not touched by these volcanic economic eruptions. Or rather its being unaffected, could it be that Africa is yet to be part of the "globe?"

That is not quite true... Few months before this economic quagmire, South Africa's real estate business has noose-dived with surging high interest rates. Banks are very wary in giving out loans for purchase of property. Besides, no one really wants to buy now due to the hiked interest rates.

Aha...! Still that is not quite true.

Somebody seems to be seeing right. He sees money in the same place where others are blind. Though no one buys property in South Africa now, yet someone is busy buying NOW. What a paradox! This can be the reason national dailies christen this season here in South Africa as the "buyer's market." How true!

Can I conclude with this? History has repeatedly shown that in the same market others shy away from, is the very market someone accumulates fortunes. In the Great Depression of 1920's, few became millionaires while majority wallowed in penury. The question is, do you learn from history? Have you trained yourself to see money beyond our normal five senses? Are your olfactory, auditory and visual organs as sharp as dog's own to perceive money? Like Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," it is a matter of your financial intelligence. What do you think?

Adiari Captain, M.D.
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    Well, if you're a good market timer, thanks to, say, ESP, and began distribution, ie. sold last year, you should be in cash now and well poised to begin accumulation at the coming market bottom which you will of course also be able to time perfectly, with your ESP.

    It's easy to see how valuable ESP is, so I heartily recommend you all... well , you know what I'm about to say!

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    Do bear in mind that the ultra rich before the Great Depression were still rich after the Great Depression. That said, there is certainly reason to believe there is great value is stocks and real estate at the bottom when we reach it.
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