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Now I'll preface this by saying that I'm pretty naive where affiliate marketing is concerned. I understand the concept - you attract people to your site with content, then hope they click on affiliate links that get you cash per click. Any more than that and I'm clueless. Wouldn't know Clickbank if it bit me. Don't know what a trackback is.

So here's the question:

Do most people make their revenue from affiliate links in their sites or by selling a digital product themselves (ebook, for example)?
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    Affiliate links, while they may pay per-click, are usually paid as a percentage of the sale. As far as your income is concerned, it depends on what your marketing objectives are. If you are interested in marketing other people's products you will receive a percentage of each sale that you help generate.

    If you market a product created by you, an ebook for example, you will receive 100% of the product's sale price.

    Trackbacks are a result of a blog posting on your blog that has been posted on another blog and the notice of this posting comes back to you.
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    I use both. it depends what niche your in.
    I found in the Internet marketing niche you can sell ebooks or affiliate links.
    I guess the answer is both.

    affiliate marketing or ebook is all about finding the customer, say a question they have and answering it for them. Using preselling techniques, landing pages, or product reviews.. ect.

    if you answer and target their needs, they will click for more information. the answer is in the research stage,

    finding the customer,
    what they want
    The buying stage. align them with the product using the right keywords.

    If you find their really isn't an ebook to promote to your crowd, you can write your own.

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    Affiliate marketing is used by thousands of corporations
    to advertise physical products - from Amazon to Zale's.
    If you chose to do so, you could setup shopping sites to
    promote merchandise ranging from jewelry to treehouses
    (or whatever), earn generous commissions from any of
    your valid sales and make serious bank. Now would be
    the time to do that as Christmas is fast approaching.
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    Thanx, folks. That helps put a "face" on the concepts. Seems like most of the ebooks I see offered are ebooks about how to sell ebooks.

    Anyway, will be very interesting to see what the general preference for income generation is.

    Affiliate links?
    Physical (or digital) products?
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    If you can create your own products that sell you will make the most money becuase you are earning 100% of the sale, but there are some lucrative affiliate programs that will pay 50 to even 75% of sales. Easy to start with affiliates so you can find a niche you like and learn about it.
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      Thanks for the pros and cons, ahuddy. Now, to find out what people on here do the most of: affiliate links OR products.
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