JomSocial or The New VBulletin Community or? Need some advice

by Melody
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I was just about ready to make the decision to purchase JomSocial, but then came across the new VBulletin Community - and it really looks awesome. A bit pricey but I really want something that will be robust - and I figure that since the WF is using VB it can't be all bad (and yes, I am aware that it is probably highly tweaked).

I need something with some decent community features - I have used Boonex Dolphin in the past with excellent results - but the last versions are impossibly buggy, and I don't have the time to deal with that right now.

Ideas and advice really welcome - JomSocial has a 30 day trial - and I am about halfway through with it - I am not a Joomla person so just getting through the ramp-up to Joomla from WP was fun (NOT! - haven't touched Joomla in 2 years - strictly a WP person now!). WP doesn't have anything that offers the community features I need.....I am really not totally sold on JomSocial but since VBulletin has no trial - thought I would ask the WF gurus first -

Thanks -

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    No one has any opinions on either one? That's surprising for the WF!!
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    Hey Melody, there are quite a few other good options out there that I would suggest you take a look at...

    Have you looked at this for WP?: - WordPress Social Network Software I haven't tested it myself, but have been hearing good things about it.

    I'm personally using Elgg - Open Source Social Networking and Social Publishing Platform. for my social network, however I wouldn't suggest it if you just want something with all the bells and whistles out of the box... elgg requires quite a bit of code tweaking to get it to run how you want it. It is however, a very powerful development platform.

    Here are two other commercial apps I've seen getting good reviews that you may want to check out also:

    phpFox - Social Networking Script
    SocialEngine PHP Social Network Script - Build your own social network community!


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    Hi Jared -

    Have used them all at one time or another except for SocialEngine (yes, I have built a lot of communities). I like BuddyPress it can be a little confusing for newbies not familiar with WordPress. I like Elgg but would need to do too much for this one to get it the way I want it - you got that one right for sure, but it is a slick platform.

    My last experience with phpFox was not pleasant - but that was couple of years ago, so might re-visit it - I was there when they did a new release and it was really, really ugly - and no support at all.

    SocialEngine - I have not seen this one - will take a look - thanks!!

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    I am using SocialEngine and the new Vbulletin 4.0 - Wow, Vbulletin has really created a sweet product. My newest site already has members and is growing more every day, then again, so is my SE site. Pay the money to get the good stuff, the freebie scripts just don't cut it anymore.

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