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by Ben Roy 8 replies
There have been a number of threads recently with lots of detailed information about writing articles, particularly for article directories. I wanted to make a short post about a specific item that may get lost in the longer write-ups because I think it is one of the largest factors in how much traffic you will get.

Your article title is possibly THE most important part of the article. It has two parts to it: the part for the search engines, and the part for people. Make SURE that you get both of those pieces into each and every title.

Let's say you do some research in your niche and find that "Taming Wild Animals" has lots of results and little competition - great. So you crank out your article with that title and post it to EZA. It may end up ranking well for your keyword, but you forgot that once it's in the listing, you need people to click it. So add in the second part of the title: "Taming Wild Animals - The Easy Way, With 75% Few Scratches and Bites".

The google part is to get you ranked well, the other is to get people that SEE your result to click on it.
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