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by rockyk
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the advantageous-condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield and a relatively high level of returns. Thus, "doing a lot with a little."

Wow! Doing a lot with a little, whatta concept. I am somewhat of a beginner and don't have a lot of startup cash, so I was immediately interested when I started reading about leveraging earlier today. Also, I often read about how people are so anxious to start up but they really don't have $10-15 to spare, and that's understandable. I was there a couple months ago. So I thought everyone could share various ways you can do a lot with a little.Here's a couple things I thought of...

1. Turn one article into many different forms of delivery-audio, pdf document, video, any others? maybe press release

2. Ask for sponsorship/help - I have seen so many warriors offer help when people have laid out their situation. Maybe there is something you can offer for exchange.

3. Whenever you want to buy a software product, search for free alternatives(either on google or here). About 80-90% of software products out there today have a free alternative that is usually pretty comparable, you just have to sift through the crappy ones by finding customer reviews.

4. Use other people's video traffic - offer short video responses to popular videos in your niche

5. Use Blogger to get started with a free blog

Anyone else got ideas, a lot with a little?
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