Is Article Marketing Dead?

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I've been doing a little research on article marketing, and it seems as though the whole "bum marketing" thing is a thing of the past. I mean, I *wish* it weren't true, as I was just about to launch an article marketing campaign myself, but the more I look the more discouraged I get. It seems people everywhere are not getting the results they used too.

Can anyone prove me wrong?????
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    I don't bother with it at all and we do just fine. To me it just seems like a lot of work for 2 clicks or whatever, I just don't have the patience for it.

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    I'm not sure I can prove you wrong because that means I'd have to go and find some examples with screen shots etc which seems like a lot of work right now but I will say that article marketing is not dead.

    Always makes me giggle when I hear some method declared as dead, in fact as soon as it becomes conventional wisdom that a method is dead it means competitors will drop off like flies....

    It may be a little harder IF you're targeting the article directories with the same niches and keywords as every other affiliate marketer however with a good article and proper keyword research you can get a lot of benefit.

    First human traffic, one article I submitted last week has had just over 1,300 views and generated 437 clicks to my landing page resulting in 1 $68 affiliate sale and about 40 new email subscribers. And it will continue to bring in revenue with a little help from back links etc.

    Is that typical...nope...not for most people submitting articles.

    Also I get higher search engine rankings for my sites through article marketing.

    So while I'd agree somewhat that the days of slapping up an article with a few links in it and waiting for the cash to roll in are gone in many competitive niches I'd say article marketing is far from dead as long as you know what you are doing. It's just like PPC is harder, Twitter and Facebook are competition grows you've got to market smarter.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of opinions either way.

    Short story is you still need good keywords, a good product, a great headline - article - and call to action (AIDA) plus I still need to promote my articles as I would any site with back links, bookmarking etc.

    In other words article marketing = effort.

    It is definitely not for everyone but if you can get it to click for you it is a sound strategy.


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    One of my close friends is making a modest $3k a month using nothing but article marketing techniques.

    It's not easy, nor fun, but now he's at that level he can outsource everything and he's making a good passive income that allows him to focus on his passions.
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    You should learn not to listen to others.. if they say it is dead then good for them .. who cares ?? Just because they say something does not make it the truth and frankly I do not care who the "guru" is that says it.

    With that said I would like to point out there is a huge difference between "Article Marketing" and "Bum Marketing" ... Personally myself I have never agreed with nor will I ever agree with the "Bum Marketing" method...

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    This exact thread comes up once a week, article marketing is not dead. I make about $200 a day from the sale of my product, and the only marketing I do is article marketing. People that say it is dead are usually just too lazy to do all of the writing and submitting. Just my two cents. I do think it is much more competitive than it was though.
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    Nope, not dead. Article marketing is the Snake Plissken of the IM world. If you get that obscure reference, you're not a kid anymore.
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      Originally Posted by Zeus66 View Post

      ...Snake Plissken
      Got it and loved the first one in NY. Hated the second one in L.A.

      Back to Bum Marketing Method, Travis goes on to teach people that the Bum Method is only to get started but to eventually learn more about paid advertising like Adwords and move into Affiliate Marketing that way.

      Article Marketing is dead to those that write a couple of articles and then quit after a few flops.

      Once you know who you are writing for (Market), what they want (Offer), and how to motivate them to action (Copy), then you can make a full time living from it.

      Anytime you can match the right Offer to the right Market using good Copy you will profit.

      How you bring those three things together really does not matter as long as you are getting the traffic you need to cover the profit you want to make.
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        I also got it. Agree the first one way best. The
        surf sense with Fonda, back movie making.

        Fonda surfer dude funny.

        Back to article marketing, always a great way for more traffic.

        Depending on how how good your article is and how powerful
        your call to action is, will result in your getting readers to
        your product page.

        Write as many articles as time allows everyday, you will
        get better with pratice.
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          Is Internet dead? Well, sometimes one may think. Then
          you go to WF and you realize is not Articles are content
          and content are The Internet.

          Like with all industries things change in how you do it.
          Like today's FFA pages is called Social Bookmarking while
          FFA's does not work, social bookmarking do.

          So if articles need more attention to anchor links and
          unique content per submission, it still work. You just
          need to keep up with how Google look at it (And make
          sure what you read is true.)
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    Article marketing is not dead, not even close. My 747 articles and 158,231 views (I just checked my stats) tell me that. Not to mention the 26% (Not that great) CTR I get with those articles.

    If you are looking to make some quick affiliate sales in a crowded niche then I would say find another business model. However, if you are doing proper keyword research, backlinking, niche targeting, etc. then article marketing is far from dead!

    You just have to find the right method to make article marketing successful, and if you are not familiar with the process then you may want to learn from someone who has been there and done that.
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      Consider this:

      Search Engine Ranking is dead > As you are not seen.
      Twitter is dead > No one follow you.
      AM is dead > As you are not seen.

      Marketing is an art for professionals. Anyone can become
      a professional. But with an attitude like.. if it does not work
      exactly the way I do's dead.

      Btw Lotto suck.. I didn't won last weekend. Is it dead?
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    They say the horse and buggy is dead as a form of transportation. Clearly they have never been to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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      Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

      They say the horse and buggy is dead as a form of transportation. Clearly they have never been to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
      LOL .. Scott .. this is very true ...

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        I wouldn't say it's dead, but it has changed. For example: New players (other article sites and niche sites) are giving Ezine a run for their money in the serps. I am noticing they are losing ground for some of the popular keywords in my niches.

        Add to that, the incredible surge of competition in the past year or so (in terms of the number of authors) over at Ezine, Articlesbase, Buzzle, and others, and you may find that you have to work a little harder just to maintain the same profits.

        Having said that, I still use the Ezine/Clickbank model to generate a full time income, even though my "per article" rate has decreased slightly over the years.

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          Originally Posted by Heuristic View Post

          Having said that, I still use the Ezine/Clickbank model to generate a full time income, even though my "per article" rate has decreased slightly over the years.
          Keyword: Full Income

          Hence, it ain't dead. That makes me want to do article marketing even more. But as I've been learning, article marketing relies on research, and not writing 100 articles and throwing them at the wall hoping some will stick.

          With the increased amount of wannabe article marketers, there will be more "news" spread around that it doesn't work, simply because they aren't doing it the correct way which includes keyword research.....which is the key for success in article marketing, or so it seems.

          Now, I probably shouldn't be talking because I'm just starting to re-work my article marketing efforts, but I am seeing it in a whole new light. When I wrote my first 50 articles, keyword research didn't even cross my mind...BIG mistake.

          Now I'm using market samurai to find those keywords, so hopefully I'll see some better results after I get my first batch of 30 articles submitted and published.

          The way I see articles is like Blogger Blogs. They are your landing pages in reality. Sure, we can't pitch a sale on an EZA article, but you can still warm up your reader to the idea that a product exists that can solve their problem. It's just instead of making a whole new blog for 1 keyword, you write an article instead. It will get indexed faster, ranked higher, and overall will get you more traffic, faster.

          Sure, they can also be used for backlinks, but I think that is just a 'bonus' feature in my opinion!

          Whoah, look, I just wrote an article!

          “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” -Nikola Tesla

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    Article marketing is very powerfull!!! if u know how to do it right!!
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    Well, EZA is consistently my number 3 referer bringing me a constant stream of traffic. I have over 250 articles written on my subject of expertise so maybe that's why.

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      No, it's not dead and I don't think it will ever die. All article marketing is is writing content and then promoting that content by ranking in the search engines or through other means. It's just like any other type of marketing. Your articles are your money in that you want them to produce traffic for your landing page/site. And so, you do what you need to do in order to make this happen.

      Yes, it's dead in the sense that you can't just write articles and expect to make money (I'm not sure if this was ever effective). You have to actually work in order to get your articles the exposure you want. It's not about pumping out 10 articles a day as it is about writing targeted articles, seeing which ones perform, and then promoting those articles to see even better results (traffic/money).

      Doing everything right with just one article is a hell of a lot better than writing 10 articles a day and leaving it at just that.
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    I still make money from article marketing.

    It takes a lot of time though, but I love it.
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    No, article marketing isn't dead, it is just so many people are doing it the wrong way or they are not doing there due-diligence. Article marketing works, you just have to work at it to make it work.

    Not every article you write is going to drive heard of traffic, this is why keyword research is so important. Article marketing is a step by step process, if you slack on any of the steps, then you are not going to get the results you are after.

    A quote I heard a long time ago, kinda rings true here:

    "The market only pays for the results they get out of your work"

    To put it another way, you are not paid to work, you are paid to produce a result for the customer. Anyway, I think I'm rambling again, and I have my own work to do, hope that helps.
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    Its not dead, otherwise i wouldn't make sales

    But there might be a tendency to a shift to more specialized sites, away from the big mills like EZA, GoArticles etc. Someone posted a good list of such specialized "authority" sites not long ago, but i don't have the link handy. was one of them. Such articles get syndicated like crazy to very targeted audiences, like newsletters etc. I think this is the future.
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    I don't think that article marketing is dead. In fact I use nothing but article marketing and I make a very good living.
    It is all about the quality of the articles, they have to be in an attractive format, have good info, in order to bring you traffic back to your websites.
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