What EMAIL Headlines have worked for you?

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What EMAIL Headlines have worked for you?
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    Originally Posted by BJ Min View Post

    What EMAIL Headlines have worked for you?

    I love Frank Kern headlines...cuz they work...

    But here is my best to date (open rate) and I pulled it out of
    my own noggin'

    "They MADE me do it!"

    Works for many reasons...

    Whose "they"?
    What did they make him do?
    How did they make him do it?
    What is it?...Sounds like they made him do something awful?

    People can't stand that much curiosity without
    opening up.

    BUT...make SURE you have a VALID & RELEVANT TIE IN!!!!

    Great idea for a thread! Wonder if people will show their


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    Make sure you track what happens after your subscribers open the email.

    I've been bombarded lately, as we all have, with phoney lead-ins that make unsubscribing a pleasure.

    Fastest unsubscribe for me by far is "Bad News". Second place goes to anything like that if the email doesn't have a strong tie-in to the headline.

    It's not just about getting your list to open the email, you want them to take action if that is the reason for the email. You need to track the headline as it relates to conversions, not just opens.

    And yea, unsubscribing is an action.

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    Payment enclosed
    You've made a sale
    Payment Notification

    Just kidding.. I hate when people use those simply to get me to open an email.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    I love :

    CB Sale


    Seriously though...any other proven & tested
    headlines other than "Sorry" and "They MADE me do it" ?
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    Worked recently for me....

    Very Cool

    It was relevant to the contents
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  • Here's one that works GREAT!

    "g3|\|3ri( vi4gr4 7w0 d0114r5 p3r pi11"
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    My best has been "The Answer to Your Question..."

    One that I have seen a lot that always makes me take notice is "You've Just Referred A Sale" It always makes me look to see who it is from.
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