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Hi All,

I currently have some video content on Amazon S3 and I want to display that content only from within my html based membership site (i.e someone directly tries to go to the S3 bucket, they should not be able to access that content)

I know that there are lot of solutions out there for Wordpress based membership sites, but is there any type of S3 content protection option for static html sites?

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    Move Along Sir

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    Thanks Rahul..will check it out.

    I was hoping that there might be some kind of software tool that might help me avoid messing around with php...

    Will post here if I find anything..

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    If you aren't doing it server side then it has to be done solely with Javascript / cookies. That will be rubbish beyond belief and not workable at all. So server side (such as PHP) - that is your only choice. I can promise you that, because there simply isn't another way for this to work.

    Seriously - talk to any competent PHP developer and they will assure you that securing s3 without any serverside stuff is never going to be secure at all, if it would even work at all.

    Not trying to be harsh, but from experience and a lot of media streaming I am certain of this.

    Maybe talk to Eddie James on here about it?
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    I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in the last couple of weeks trying to figure this all out. Here is the best, easiest (and free) COMPLETE tutorial on how to get AS3 protected content playing on your web site: (Sorry, I can't post actual hyperlinks, having less than 15 posts)

    The example code streams video through Flowplayer, but you can edit the player script for whatever player you use. The important things to glean from this is the code needed to generate the secure source url, which is passed on to the player.

    The one thing I had an issue with was the url generating line: $link = "https://{$bucket}...

    It seems that the "https" led to some people getting a "200, Net stream not found..." error on their page. It seems to play correctly for everyone when I change it to "http".
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