Thank You Frank Kern...

by OnlineMasterMind 9 replies
for an AMAZING video...

Wealth is being created faster now than ever before...

That is a FACT. (that you will never see on CNN)

Gosh I love internet marketing...

-One seriously grateful online entrepreneur
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    When the speed of communication and information exchange increases, so can making money. Its all relative.

    Thank you internet!

    Ill check the video out. Thanks

    "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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      Seems I can never load this guy's site, no matter how often I try.

      Oh well, Guess I miss out.

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    I watched it last eve, and it's one of the better free videos I've seen. The best part is, is that he tell's straight facts.

    That was a good one Frank, thanks!

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    I'm gonna get you Kern !

    officer studenko-

    (in case you dont get this, you need to see his mass control video)
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    It's definitely a great video. And he's really making a killing with
    his product because he knows how to market it.

    Man... even if just a mere 100 people from his list purchase his
    product and use the 3 months payment system, it means he's
    getting paid $79,700 for the coming 3 months.

    And I'm sure it's not just going to be 100 people.

    Imagine 1,000 people. Mind-blowing.

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    That's a great video. I watched it a while ago.
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