How to know what a domain is worth?

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I have been working on a few domains I have. Making them get more traffic and better Alexa Rankings. I am going to sell them on either Flippa or to private buyers. The question is how do you know what the domain is worth?

I used and got mid $400 for each of them. Then went to and got $1,700 for one of them, $640 for another and reg domain Fee for the third one. I talked to a private investor and he said that those Free domain appraisals are bogus and you can't go off of those. So, how does anyone know what a domain is worth? How do you know if there is a great deal on a domain or not?

Any recommended paid appraisal services out there or a way to apprase a website acurately?

I have two domains that get decent search traffic and another that is keyword rich, but traffic poor. How can I evaluate my domains so I know what I should expect to get out of my domains? I don't want to let a domain go that is worth a lot more then I get and on the other hand I don't want to ask for a lot more than its worth either.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate you recommendations.

Thank you,

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    Well, a buyer has to look at the established value of the site and the potential value of a site.

    Since these are developed and functioning sites that receive traffic... how much traffic... is it a popular or valuable niche... can the traffic be improved or are you tapped out... if traffic can be improved can the revenue be improved... how much revenue are the sites generating now... etc...

    there are a lot of variables to take into account when determining the value of a website.

    bottom line is if the site makes money then people are going to be interested... the value of the site is going to reflect the amount of revenue the site is making now and potential revenue growth.

    If you're site makes $20 bucks a month then it's not worth much... if I can take it and make $200 a month then it's worth a look.

    Not really a clear answer.

    I'm sure somebody will pop in and say it's worth the amount it makes in 6 months or 12 months... nevermind... I just said it. But, I don't really buy into this.

    I'm all about that bass.

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      Domain and website is translated into two, which come to mind.

      Any domain can be worth anything. An end user might want an off the wall domain to brand themselves and buy that domain for $x,xxx. Making a good website always adds value to the domain name. But only the domain name which has a value depends on many factors.

      SEO :

      Choosing a domain name that is short and targeted, allows your visitors to remember your site, and it is plus point for marketing strategy. Domain Names should be friendly to SEO. Always go for .com rather than ,net, .org etc. Some webmasters decide to create a word or phrase in order to market their sites, this strategy can work against you if do not know what you do or do not know the brand site.

      You should note down these points

      Domain should be:

      Easy to remember
      Easy to spell
      Descriptive or/and brand-able
      Having a .com extension

      I hope this is helpful

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