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by schubb
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Dear fellows Warrior.

I want to buy a specific domain name but the dot com is already taken so here is my question. If i buy the dot info name, would i be rated under the dot com or it does not change anything as long as people who will be searching for i.e. will also get the result for Thanks for your precious time.

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    It doesn't matter for search engines but people and search engine give alot of preference to .com and in case you want to flip it , you will get good money for it.
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      I don't think it really matters if you have a .info website as long as you optimize site. However, people tend to have a perception that .com is more trustworthy!
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        Something else to consider is the amount of traffic you will be sending to the .com website when folks "remember" your website name and look for it with the .com extension.

        You can waste a lot of effort/money/time that would have been better applied to a unique domain name you could brand.

        A keyword rich domain name is only one part of the equation, and it's not the most important. Sacrificing the effectiveness of your other efforts for the sake of having a certian domain name can prove to be a short sighted strategy.

        Find a good .com and take it from there. (Imho)

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          I must say that you have a good point Killer Joe.... that need reflexion. Good point. Thanks
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    Thanks, that answer my question. As long as i am not buying this site to flip it later, i see that this is not a problem. On the other hand, i want to use this site to gather info so maybe they wont mind consulting a dot info vs dot com. Most important, if search engine dont do priorise the dot com, that answer my question real fine. Thanks to both of you. Another satisfied customer.
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