Domain name - number or "number"?

by dclodge 4 replies
When choosing a new domain, what is better to use as part of the name:

actual numbers or their literal name?

For example,

Let's say you could choose between:


What is the better choice? In regards to SEO or Google or other marketing aspects.

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    Register both.
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    Absolutely register both as "Monetize" said. If you don't you're going to lose a large chunk of traffic, period. Why lost the trafic at a cost of $8 for a domain name? Use the "number" domain as your actual site, and have the number domain redirect to the main site.
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      Thanks for the advice!

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        Check Google Keyword Tool...

        "7 steps to success" just pips "seven steps to success" with 260 to 210 broad matches.

        Not much in it really
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