Analyzing blog statistics for making money online.

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I just saw statistics about blogs and I found it very interesting. Everybody is saying that blogging for profit is a great idea. I believe it is but how can we prove this through statistics? Can you share your analysis?
  • Bloggers - 200 million
  • Blog readers - 350 plus million
  • internet users - 1.7 billion
Here is mine:

The ratio of blog posters and blog readers are 1:1.75. From this I would think that only few people are reading blogs. I would also think that the 1.75 readers also include posters. Not only this, blog posters are only 12% of the total web surfers. I would think that blogging is not that big at all.:confused:

But if I analyze the data backwards, I realize that although bloggers are only 12% of the total surfers, there is a good chance of rapid growth. And why is that? This is because readers have grown almost twice as high as posters. And even if it is true that readers are also posters, they are still potential customers as far as internet marketing is concerned. If there are fewer readers than posters or just break even, blogging for profit wouldn't be a good idea. :rolleyes:

How about your analysis? Please share your version.
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