Did I miss something?

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Ok, I check the forum every day, even though I don't post every day. And I do not recall seeing any changes being made with regards to posting videos. I posted in the test forum earlier today, and my videos show up fine, but in the wso section, all that's showing up is links.... anyone have a heads up on this that I don't know about?

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    I was also having trouble posting my video in the wso (youtube video). I did finally figure out that the video would not show up in preview - only after submitting. But then I only had a link. So I went back in and double checked and found Automatically Embed Videos had gotten unchecked (not sure how, as I had previously made sure it was checked). So..

    Post the url of the video (do not create a link for it)
    Make sure Automatically Embed Videos in checked in the Additional Options below
    Submit the post

    If that doesn't work for ya, then I'm no help

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