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Dear warriors,

I've always been into fitness since I was in high school and I think I know what i'm talking about.

There is new information on the latest lose-fat/gain-muscle published everyday in books, magazines and online.

The problem is, I feel, that the information is just repackaged, and really there becomes a point where you can get REALLY fit and look REALLY good if you just follow some fundamental skills and habits you could that someone could teach you in 1, 2 maybe 3 hours tops.

Then I would just say:
keep doing this, day in day out, when you see new 'information' about new latest and greatest, IGNORE IT, just keep doing what I tell you. If you do what I told you and don't get distracted, day in day out, you will achieve your goal in less than a year - no problem.

When it comes to the 'science' of "looking good" - it's all about body composition - that is - we look "good" by having a bodyfat % of less than 9-10%, where the bodyfat % is low enough to show a mild "six pack".

Okay on to my point.

I wish someone that has been doing it for years would just say 'you couldn't ever read all the information out there on internet marketing, here is what you do day in day out. Don't stop, don't do anymore research. Just do this, and don't buy new products.'

Unfortunately, I don't think IM as simple as "manipulating body composition" .. or is it?

I think I am jumping all over the place with IM even though I promised myself I wouldn't .. the new information is too 'seductive'.

I see this all the time happening to people in the 'health and fitness' industry .. and i'm guessing the 'pros' in IM see this too .. "gosh - THAT product is just like all the others, a lot of promises, unrealistic goals for that time frame, or just completely wrong"

What do you think ? I am just a big believer in "knowing NOW what I should know in 2-3 years"..... that is exactly the lure of more forums, websites, and information products!

Actually if you asked me to review 4-5 top 'fitness' products I would probably tell you the information is about the same, and I would pick ONE.

And tell you READ THIS - IGNORE THE REST for 1 year - and nothing else, this is ALL you need to know - just DO exactly as it says. You WILL achieve your goals with this. I use this method myself, it works, and it works for all the other 'achievers' I know. Stop spending money on NEW information, do this FIRST

Maybe IM is just not anywhere near that simple - too many facets - marketing, technology, trends.

Can anyone related to this post and offer some advice, especially if you can give THAT advice. Do you have a 'bible'?

I have only been in IM for a week, but I feel a bit of a knowledge 'bottleneck' - i've only got a week of experience, and already have too much information, i'm starting to see patterns, eg. listbuilding, but each product is essentially trying to differentiate themselves.

In fact in the fitness product industry, I believe the good products are essentially the same, but they are all going for a USP (unique selling proposition), to differentiate themselves from another product which CONFUSES the newbie to the basics. Differentiation is the problem!

So essential no fluff patterns I think i'm indentifying already in IM after a week

- STRONG copywriting
- LOTS of traffic
- article writing for traffic
- $ = traffic x conversion rate

The best thing about user groups like forums is that people are talking in patterns of things that work because this isn't really a form of media like a magazine (selling supplements/products), tv (selling), newpapers (selling) - all differentiating for your attention and creating confusion.
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    Look, the only unknown here is the gap between you learning these things and applying
    them properly in the real world. Guess what? That gap will always exist with any skill
    you are trying to learn because there’s a difference between gaining the right
    knowledge and being able to apply it profitably in your life (mastery of the skill).

    That’s why as great as any single plan is, the plan is only one of the three ingredients
    that controls your success. The three parts are:

    1. Finding and getting access to the right information (the proven plan to take
    you where you want to go);

    2. How quickly you can consume and digest this info once you find it (digesting
    the info is critical because you’re often tempted to try and eat the elephant whole
    in one meal but it doesn’t work that way because even if you could consume it,
    it’s impossible to digest it... plus, just like eating when you’re not hungry makes
    you fat, if you try to pound new information into your head when you aren’t ready
    for it, you’ll get overwhelmed (the equivalent of getting mentally fat) which causes
    procrastination, fear of failure and inactivity); and...

    3. Making sure your confidence level is high enough to stomach the small (yet
    inevitable) trial and error setbacks that always occur the first time you set out to
    bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually applying it in the real
    world. So many people miss this part and give up sooo close to their
    breakthrough, because they don’t realize the path to mastery of any skill is
    always a zigzag one; it only smoothes to a straight line after you master it
    because you no longer have to think about it, you just do it.

    It takes all three to bridge the Millionaire Gap.

    However, most people fail to realize that #1 (lack of the right knowledge) is actually not
    what’s holding you back (yes, I know, the snake oil scammers want you to believe
    cockamamie fairy-dust tales to the contrary so they can keep you hooked long enough
    to get your money on their next deal).

    But haven’t we all seen people who get rich with the absolute worse plans? How is
    this? Because they made up for it with the other 2 pieces of the puzzle.
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    Two things I'd like to add to that list:

    Media buying / paid advertising (such as PPC)
    Product Funnel (backend marketing and continuity programs)

    Hope that helps.


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      Originally Posted by Brian Edmondson View Post

      Two things I'd like to add to that list:

      Media buying / paid advertising (such as PPC)
      Product Funnel (backend marketing and continuity programs)

      Thank you! In a rare medium where 'free' traffic is available .. what is your opinion of Paid-Media/PPC vs Free ?

      Free = Your Time / Outsourced Time = Money
      Advertising/PPC = Money (with the benefit of instant results/testing instead of waiting for Free)
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    Paid traffic is almost always better. You're making your money earn for you, not your time.
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