My Week in IM and a review of the Verizon Broadband Service

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Fellow Warriors,

This post should probably be a blog entry, but I am so not a blogger type. And I want to share the things I've learned and thought about this week with the most amount of people I can help or inspire.

What a week. First, my router blew. In my search for a new one, I got easily distracted by a bright shiny object called 'Verizon Broadband'. Yep, I got sold. A $50.00 air card with a $50.00 rebate made the card free and $60.00 a month for the service seemed like a steal when compared to the $2.00 or whatever fee every time I want to take my kids to McD's to play on the playground while I fiddled around with my laptop, or the endless searching for a Wi-fi hotspot where I could take them and keep them amused.
Now I can go to the beach or a park, or even a rec center and let them run around like lunatics (getting them nice and tired I might add) while I continue to stay connected.

Downside? You ask? I knew you would. Yep, there is one. Isnt' there always?

Download and upload time. It took FOREVER to FTP a zip file to my site today. It's a dial up connection. It's fast enough for surfing the web, but dont' even think about video. I kept getting 'hang time' on YT while trying to watch videos.

HOWEVER, one thing I didn't know about broadband but now do is: Dynamic IP address. Your IP address changes every time you log on and off, just like dial up, without the 'crawl' time.

And finally, I have also discovered that I can purchase an antenna ($200.) that will broadcast the signal to another computer so that it too can pick up the signal.

Ok, on with the week. A while ago, a friend from this very forum asked me to rewrite a PLR report he had about, well... PLR...

It just so happened that I was learing about Virtual Real Estate and 'website filpping' when I started reading this thing, and so I decided to get Camtasia myself and have a stab at videos.

My very own mentor asked me to make some videos. I did and they were well recieved to say the very least. I cant say who or what so as not to expose a niche, but the 'client' was thrilled.

So I made an offer to do some more and I got two new clients who so far seem happy with the work, I'll let you know once I get feedback.

I'm absolutely hot to trot on this VRE thing and am planning to do a site tomorrow that I will flip on Monday. Not quite the turnaround time of 24 hours like TommyGadget, but I have to take Sunday off, (save for posting in here)

I have a couple of niche ideas in mind that I already had content for when I was screwing around testing out Web 2.0 and SEO theories, but suddenly yesterday, something fell into my lap. Becky, my VA, was complaining that her arm was killing her. As she continued to type, it got worse. And then she said that any time she 'reached' for the 'a' key with her left pinky the pain SHOT back up her arm. I'm starting to think carpal tunnel, so since I'm going to have to research this for her anyway, I'll do a little keyword research and see if this would be a good niche.

The rest of the week has been fairly uneventful. Lots of ideas and thoughts not enough hours in a day. But I made a lot of videos and I am loving the new tricks I'm learning with PowerPoint, Camtasia and MovieMaker. I'm working on getting Sony Vegas Movie Studio and/or Adobe Premiere.

I hope this inspires or helps someone on the forum tonight or tomorrow if unlike me, you have a life and aren't in fact, sitting at home on a Friday night making posts on an Internet Marketing forum.

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    I have had the same service for about 4 months now. The connection for me hasn't been all that much slower but I ran into a serious problem.

    Well it has 5GB monthly bandwidth limit.

    Second month in, I used 7GB, not realizing this and paid overage.

    So instead of paying the normal $50-60 fee, I paid $438.

    I didn't blame Verizon because it was my own fault but man, it hurt. I could have bought TS 2 with that kind of money.

    When I thought about canceling it and contacted them, they said, it's like cellphone I am on a contract and in order to cancel it, I would need to pay $150.

    I kept the contract them and paid the bill but I am back on cable this month and I think I am going to early terminate this month.
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    I have had a Verizon aircard for a couple of years. I got a new laptop and the "old" card wouldn't fit. So I upgraded to a new card which they swore would be significantly faster... not!

    It's useful for me to have the aircard as a backup for when the DSL goes down. And it does give me access when I'm away from hotspots. But all in all, the card is DOG and a quite expensive one!

    Buyer beware. - Russ
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