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Here are the steps I came up with to make an income on the net. Still afew questions - can you help?

1. Pick a niche --> use cliickbank, forums, magazines
Is there a website or software or a person I can go to that will advise me...

2. Pick Keywords--> use google ext. tool and others
HOw do I know its a good keyword? How do I test it?

3. Pick Products--> use clickbank with high gravity

4. create a blog with blogger etc - geta good headline, articles, picture
use keyword liberally - Am I misssing anything

5. Get Traffic---> use adwords or web 2.0

6. make money

OK - did I leave anything out or do it in the wrong order - is there a program og software that can help me with all this'

Can someone do it for me?

Ready to roll in Canada - Kim
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    There are lots of programs to choose from. By they way you are asking novice is not a term I would use to describe you. What you need is what we all needed when we first started someone to lead, and show us the way, you need a complete turnkey system that has all the coaching and software programs in place.
    I hope you find a good one.
    Trevor www.holycowitdoeswork.com
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    Once you picked your niche and products all you have to do as an affliate is promote it and thats where its gets a little bit tough.

    I would suggest writing articles about the products and submit it to Ezinearticles or Squidoo.

    Sherwin J

    Best online business!

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    Of course you can outsource just about everything, but you will want to do everything yourself at least just once to understand the mechanics to the steps

    you are going to look around in the forum for alot of what you need, unless you can afford to pay someone

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    The hard part is in the 'get traffic' step
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