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1) If you are doing affiliate marketing or selling something that already has a website set up for it, do you use their material or make your own?

2) Is there an easy way to move material that was coded in really bad html into word press? I tried copying the html into the wordpress box, definitely a no go.

3) What are the best free themes for squeeze pages and plugins to use? I am not familiar with wordpress and am quite comfortable with html/css. While I am quite tempted to go with html/css I figure I should get used to wp since it seems to be so popular.

4) I've been reading a lot of ebooks and I still have not figured something out. They talk about having multiple targeted squeeze pages. How is this done? Does each one have its own domain? Its own subdomain or just different page names within a domain? Do you have to do all the link building seperately to get targeted traffic to the right one?

Thanks, I'm a noob and trying to get set up and going. It's been over a week and I'm still not indexed on Google though I've been trying to build links and know I'm in digg
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    To help you along....

    1. I tend to combine them. If they have good material I will review it, refine it and work some unique content based on it (as many other marketers will just use it as it is and this can cause duplicate content issues). If they provide graphics then I may use a similar style and create my own if the conversions are good.

    2. Not really, your best bet (if permitted by the seller) is to take it into an HTML editor like Dreamweaver and remove the formatting then format it yourself. Make sure you have permission to do this of course.

    3. There are so many themes it is hard to nail down just 1 good theme. You can take a look at "http://www.flexibilitytheme.com/flexsqueeze/" which is a good commercial one and pretty cheap. As for plugins, go for the usual "All in one SEO" and the most "Popular" ones in the plugins section that are relative to your needs.

    4. You can create "Pages" geared towards different markets using different "Page Templates" if available or just change the content up. Very easy to do. Just create one that you like then duplicate it and change it to suit your new target keyword or market. You don't have to use different domains, subdomains, etc. Just keep it simple. The more you complicate things when you start, the more likely you are to fail and give up.

    Also, you can promote each squeeze page separately using backlinks, articles, PPC, etc. What ever form of marketing you use, treat them as separate campaigns.

    All the best and good luck to you,

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    What I have is resell rights and not affiliate page so I don't see why I shouldn't be able to write my own sales page. I guess I should go look at the "license".

    If you strip out all the html tags, why can't you just copy and past the content off of the page and then format it?

    Right now I want to do as little campaigns as possible, especially since my domain doesn't come up with a direct search for it in google.
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    If it's resale rights stuff then you should be fine as most of those allow you to customize the sales literature.

    The reason I suggest stripping the formatting and doing it yourself it to clean up any problems that they may have in there.

    The other issue is content is likely using CSS, which is not copied across during a copy and paste.

    All the best

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