Google Checkout VS PayPal...Round 1

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I'm interested in giving Google Checkout a spin in place of PayPal.

I like the lower fees:

PayPal Fee Rate:

Google Checkout Fee Rate:

Here are some questions I was hoping you fellow Warriors could answer:

1. Has anyone tested PayPal vs Google Checkout to determine the effect on conversion rates?

2. Has anyone had a nightmare Google Checkout story? (The PayPal ones abound everywhere...)

3. Has anyone had trouble linking their Google Checkout payments to a bank account for withdrawal?

4. Has anyone had problems with customers as A DIRECT RESULT of using Google Checkout? (I'm thinking of maybe an issue regarding "chargebacks", refunds, etc...)

I'm mainly considering the change from a "savings standpoint".

If I have 1,000 transactions per month for $47 via PayPal, my fees will be $1334.

If I have 1,000 transactions per month for $47 via Google Checkout, my fees will be $1140.

That's a savings of $194

But is it worth it?

Thanks in advance for your replies,
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  • I use Google Checkout for two of my ecommerce sites.

    After working out some initial bugs, it has worked well for me. But it isn't a viable replacement for Paypal. If you use Google Checkout exclusively, you will sacrifice a huge percentage of your sales.

    As an included alternative it works, but as a straight replacement, it's a mistake.

    Too many people already have Paypal accounts.

    VERY Limited WSO. 100% Guaranteed.

    MY Expertise, YOUR Profit.
    Read the thread.
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      Originally Posted by internetmarketer99 View Post

      As an included alternative it works, but as a straight replacement, it's a mistake.


      I use Google Checkout as an alternative as well, for about
      5 months now, and I pickup maybe 10 Google Checkout
      sales each month. This is out of an average of 400 sales
      each month too.

      Did I pick up those extra sales because of Checkout? I
      can't say right off but I do know that with Paypal I have
      been at the 400 average for over a year. I'd be broke if
      I went strictly to Checkout, this I do know.

      And it is quite possible some of the Checkout purchasers
      have Paypal but choose Checkout for their convenience in
      my shopping cart. Again, I don't really know the answer
      here either. 10 sales a month has never been enough for
      me to take a closer look.

      Too answer your question Jack, $194 isn't worth the

      Here's a story...
      about 3 years ago one ecommerce site owner I know was
      doing 80K a month. Their shopping cart provider started
      raising their fees, eventually the site owner got fed up and
      decided to go with a cheaper alternative.

      Reasonable decision since he was going to save some big
      $$$'s. After the switch his sales dropped to around 15K
      each month. He has not recovered to this day because the
      door was open for competition to get established during
      the same period.

      He attributes the fall to losing his SE rankings during the
      transition from one cart to the other. He went from using
      a sub-domain on his first cart to his own domain on the
      second. Go figure...

      I got off track, maybe you can see the metaphor in there.

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