Can this be a profitable Niche?

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Hi. Can be eBooks and Video Training for JUST Web Design and Web Development. I've been planning to start my own online business selling ebooks and later on video training for Web Design and Development. Then i ran into Eben's Pagan Get Ignition which he says that there are three mega-niches: Business and Money, Health and Fitness and Dating and Relationships so obviously stuff that i want to sell is not in these niches so bottom line is Can i make some money selling this stuff? I need to make 30K for college in 3 years. Major players are Lynda, VTC and Total Training and sell stuff about WDesign and WDevelopment but also sell about many other areas of software.
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    So you are a web desiger... Have you thought of putting yourself up for hire...
    (That does not sound totally right) haha

    But anyway, back to the point... You should look at the Warriors for hire section here and look at elance and other sites that you could get yourself out there and do some web design work..

    I think this could be an angle for you too look at..

    All the best

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    There's definitely potential in that niche - I was literally just browing looking at dreamweaver courses. It's more targeted than other niches, and you're going to need to find your competitive advantage, but there's money to be made.

    It will take some work, and I'm not sure just an ebook will cut it in this case. Video tutorials are more and more common and it might be hard to "only" sell an ebook without videos as well.

    One thing I like about this niche is that you have the potential to gain a lot of repeat business. As an example, a customer might buy a beginners course, then an intermediate, move on to a tutorial for a different program etc. I'm guessing that's how that video professor or whatever he calls (the guy that sends out a free tutorial CD) himself on TV makes his money.

    All the best
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    Yeah. Simple rule of thumb, if other people are already making money (good money) doing it then it is a profitable niche.

    If nobody sold a product like you're thinking about, and nobody has relevant Adwords ads in Google for the terms you might use to look for your product then you've either got some killer new thing (rare) or you should bail.

    Simple way to answer your question in any niche. Those other niches are always, money and fat loss...but plenty of other people to target.


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      Jonathan has a good point for sure.

      Things are a bit different when trying to sell something which isn't directly related to perhaps making money.

      Hanging around here too often we get a bit carried away with the mindset that every product has to be advertised with "make $200 a day" - with the web development world - everything is slightly different, web developers communicate in almost a different language, it's OK to use technical words with them guys, they love it.

      But it's all the same principles...

      Offer great free content, e.g a how to on... how to setup your first Wordpress blog. How to create a ... with PHP.

      Then start offering your prospect more of the same. Web developers still spend money on products - I am one. I spend money on development books all the time.

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