Integration- Autoresponder, shopping cart, membership site and offline CRM

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Hello All-

I could use some advice from some experienced warriors.

I am needing to integrate an Autoresponder, shopping cart, membership site and offline CRM. My company currently has thousands of customers from direct marketing offline, and we will continue those channels. We have a high end proprietary CRM (sql based) that integrates easily via api.

We generate 3,000 new opt-ins everyday. Customers fill out a form to receive more info about our service. (Name, address, City, state, zip, phone, email, sex, date of birth and we also get date/time stamp and IP). Currently we use these leads in our call center for outbound calling.

I need to upload the leads real time to an autoresponder and start them in an autoresponder series. At the same time, they will still go to the call center. We are selling an online membership, but I am not happy with our current membership software.

I need to have all up to date information housed in our offline crm so that we can effectively handle customer service calls, collections and the extensive reports that in our crm.

I have been considering
Auto responders-
Imnicamail, ContstantContact, OneShoppingCart, Premiumwebcart or InfusionSoft

Shopping cart-
OneShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, Premiumwebcart or Nanacast

Membership Software-
SocialSam, Infusionsoft, aMember or Nanacast

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. This is going to be a large project and I am not worried about cutting a corner to save a few pennies. Most importantly- at the end of the day, I need my systems communicating.


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    I forgot to mention merchant accounts. In addition to integrating with our other software, which shopping cart gives you the most flexibility for multiple merchant accounts?
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    If I understand correctly, I am working on something similar for the company I work with. A suggestion we are working on implementing is setting up a parser with Aweber where our reg system will automatically send a parsed email to Aweber and subscribe the person to something like "Leads List A" where we will have a series of e-mails regarding our services sent out on a weekly basis for X amount of weeks. Maybe this is something that would work for your situation as well.
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