HELP! Where is the best place to sell an established website?

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G'day fellow Warriors

I need some advice please.

I am reluctantly needing to sell my website (my baby) very quickly due to health & family circumstances and obviously for as much as I can get for it and I am wondering where is the best place to sell effectively in light of this?

Should I ...
1. list it somewhere - if so where?
2. should I use an eBay classified ad or try to sell BIN or auction?

The site was created June 2005 and has a loyal email subscriber following of around 3,000 and RSS following of approx 2,500. It is professionally customed designed & also monetised by a variety of means with huge potential in the right hands to take it on where I have not been able to.

The target audience is eBay enthusiasts & those wanting to make money on the internet. I am also including several subdomains which are active monetised eBay niche stores but without domain names.

I look forward to any assistance you can offer me.

Thanks in advance.
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    The best place I know of to sell an established website is There are always hungry buyers for well established, revenue generating sites. Be sure to get all the facts in line. How much revenue does the site generate each month? How many unique visitors? Where does the traffic come from? How long has it been profitable? What are the fixed expenses? Those are all questions they will want answered, with screenshots and facts to back it up.
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    Gene is right - I have tried both EBay and SitePoint and SitePoint seems to be where the real BUSINESS PEOPLE are - the ones that pay the big $$$ for a good site.

    I do know that sites have been sold for good money on EBay but - for whatever reason - I have done much better at SitePoint - and it's a lot cheaper too - it's a flat fee upfront, rather than a % of the sale.

    I sold a site for $35k last month on SitePoint - and it was the smoothest transaction I have ever done!

    But do have everything ready before you post, screen shots of stats, revenue numbers, mailing list etc - the more screen shots you have of these things posted or at least ready to be sent to interested parties the better.

    I also suggest using if the site is more than a $1000 - an extra expense but worth it!

    Watch this space for great things coming soon ;-)

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    sitepoint is the best for selling websites but provide good info & make a good listing.
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      is sitepoint only auction or can you choose best offers. I don't want to have to sell it for $5 if that's the lowest bid.
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    I agree sitepoint is the best. You can set a reserve or a minimum bid. There is also digitalpoint. It's free to list there and there are some serious buyers there, but not nearly as much as sitepoint.

    siggy taking a break...

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    I have had good success selling sites on Digitalpoint. As others have said, I i have both bought and sold from sitepoint also. List it both places for maximum exposure.
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      Selling a domain and selling a site are two things: You can do the following with your site:

      You can either sell the site or lease it.

      And know that the buyer will go with the list also.
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        I have heard a lot of good things about SitePoint, although have never sold a site there myself. If/when and wherever you do this, can you post back here as to where it is (if permitted).

        Hope things work out for you.

        "To know that you know, and to know that you don't know - that is real wisdom." - Confucious

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    What about NamePros? Anyone have an opinion on it?
    I do agree SitePoint is great. I am a Mentor there, and have found the SitePoint team to be well organized and capable.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      What about NamePros? Anyone have an opinion on it?
      I do agree SitePoint is great. I am a Mentor there, and have found the SitePoint team to be well organized and capable.
      I'm a staff member at NamePros, so I try to refrain from mentioning it much in my posts here, as my opinion will of course be very biased NamePros is an exceptional domainer's forum, not a retail marketplace. Understand that buyers there are domainers looking for reseller pricing. If you have domains you want to let go at reseller price, you'll do well there. But to get market value, a place like SitePoint will be better.
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    if you have a site with good quality and revenue, go to sitepoint. I had sold one of my site there. it had been sold within 48 hours. It can be sold 10x of monthly revenue or more.

    for ebay, it did not bring any bids for me.
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    What about selling an online store? What I mean is that my wife has a site that's been up for several years now and sells physical products that we either ship out ourselves or get a partner in the States (we're in Canada) to ship out. She has done *zero* advertising for this site, and generates sales through word of mouth and search engine hits (it's a popular product with celebrity moms).

    How should we price this to sell, and is SitePoint the place to go to sell a site like this?
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