Best way to manage affiliates?

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Hey warriors,

This is my hattrick post today which is weird as I usually just reply to posts whenever I'm on here lol

Lately I've noticed quite a few marketers centralising their products into what can be described as an affiliate "hub" so that affiliates can promote all the marketers products from one place and only have to signup once to the marketer's affiliate program and be able to promote all the products easily.

I was thinking that this is actually a great idea, especially if you're creating new products all the time and don't want to keep asking your affiliates to sign up or register to new scripts/mailing lists.

So my question is, do you centralise your affiliate program in this way or do you annoy your affiliates by always asking them to signup to various scripts and make a mess of it?

I'm definitely going to start thinking more about making all my recurring products / one time products clickbank based and then centralise all affiliate tools / information all in one place.


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