How much would you charge to sell this domain?

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I am wondering, how much should I charge for selling my domain name:

the domain name is very nice as you can see. When I purchased it, I also found the domain name: as a premium domain in GoDaddy and it was priced at $99,000 !! Somebody purchased it now anyway.

my domain is so much similar, only the "i" is added at the beginning.

Do you have an idea about how much should I charge when I sell it? Also, do you know a good place where I can find people interested in buying domains and where I can list my own.

Thanks much,
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    First of all, just because a domain has a price tag of $99,000 it doesn't mean it will sell for that. There are many WAY overpriced domains listed on the web.

    Also, understand the inclusion of one little character like "i" can make a world of difference in the value of a domain.

    The best way to determine value is to use this site:
    I have no affiliation). This will give you an idea of what similar domains have sold for in the past.

    There are a few good places where you can list domains for sale. I recommend and/or They have both worked well for me.
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      Gene, thanks alot for the info.

      I totally understand that the domain may not sell! and I totally agree that the "i" makes a huge difference... But my question was, from your marketing experience, if you were the owner of this domain, how much would you charge for selling it. I am sorry if I didn't make this clear in my first post. I just didn't want to use an engine to value the price because they are not always accurate.

      Anyway I would like to thank you for your useful post, it is most appreciated

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    I think you might get $100 - $700 for it, but a lot depends on how well you market it and how long you're wiling to wait to sell it. Finding the right buyer may take weeks or months... but if you want to flip it as soon as possible, list it at the lower end of the spectrum.
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    Thanks you for this very informative post.
    I have quite a few domains which I am not using
    but at this time they are not for sale.

    I do plan to sell some later.
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    Just because you have a good domain name does not necessarily mean that you will be able to sell it for the amount that you want for it.

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    Anyone who is in this business probably owns some
    domain names that they believe are worth a ton of
    money, but you'll do much better in the domaining
    game if you maintain realistic expectations. It's far
    better to consistently sell a number of domains for
    $100 to $250 rather than hoping to sell one domain
    for a million dollars.
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    Guys, you are all getting me wrong! I never said I will necessary be able to sell my domain name AND I never said I want to sell it at a high price such as a million dollar!!! I don't even have a price in mind!

    My question was simply if you could give me an estimate of how much the domain name worth!

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    I genuinely don't think anyone can answer your question - it is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. You are the only one who would know how much to ask for it (how much is it worth to you?).

    How long is a piece of string?

    Sorry - I'm no help either!

    Kind Regards
    Auntie Jo

    Back Up Your Filez! or how about a . .PLR Pack! . . and an OTO Link Manager!
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    Just to repeat what's been said already, your domain is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. I've sold domains for around $500 that I thought weren't worth more than I paid for them.

    If someone has a project in mind that your domain name fits, they might be willing to pay for more than anyone else thinks it's worth.

    The real question should be - where do I find someone willing to pay top dollar for my domain?

    Sitepoint could be a good start, if you plan to sell. Or maybe even Sedo or afternic.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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