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I am not really a great writer, but I LOVE making videos. Do you think I could have just as good success with video marketing than if I were to do Article Marketing?

Also, does anyone know of any good eBooks that teach how to do Video Marketing successfully?

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    You my friend are lucky.

    Personally I am much better at writing then making videos!

    Videos are known for converting traffic and massive amounts of traffic. In my research so far video marketing supplies a lot more videos then article.


    Put your keyword in your video title. If posting on youtube find a related video with a lot of views and put yours as a response.

    Build some backlinks and point the link towards a presell page of yours and BAM!

    Your making money
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    Suggested course, check my sig

    Take into consideration what your market is. And what you can do better, which is video. I would say go with video.

    Personally I am the same, had not much success with articles, maybe less then a thousand a month, but video brings me more 10,000 visitors a month.

    So take those 2 into consideration and best of luck.

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    Both are pretty similar. Take a lot of work and time to get started but once you get the ball rolling and have your videos and articles out there, then the power of numbers and time will help the profit snowball effect.

    Pretty similar in my opinion, so if you like making videos, do doign articles, do that instead...personal preference!
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    I think videos are a little better. They don't take as long to make as writing an article and you can be real creative with it. The traffic can be just as good if not better than articles.
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      Just my suggestion:

      Already have a converting offer:
      • Mash article marketing and video marketing together
      • When the money comes in, start PPC and media buys
      If you are testing offer:
      • do what you do best
      Hope it helps.

      "You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is you just don't see them."
      Marketing Legend - Jay Abraham
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    Have gotten mostly all my traffic from videos
    Check out my blog in the sig and my You Tube channel
    May Success Overtake You!
    My smartphone Pays Me
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