I need your input. Double opt-in without Autoresponder?

by George Wright 2 replies
Hi all,

Is there any "legal" reason why "double opt-in" can't be manual with one on one contact between parties.

I.E. You buy my offer from an eBook or sales page that plainly states "When you purchase this I will send you an email asking you to allow me to present to you an occasional offer." "You can opt out of this program at any time." (first opt in)

Upon receipt of the "first opt-in" You get another personal (really, it's personal, not auto responder, when my subject line says "Personal" it's true.) So, you get a personal email from me thanking you for your order and asking you to reply one more time allowing me to contact you with valuable FREE Information and an occasional GREAT offer."

1. Other than being time consuming to me is there any other reason legal or otherwise not to do this.

2. Are my saved emails from you and the ones from me enough proof to answer future spam complaints if any arise?

By the way there would be a link at the bottom of every future email for you to Opt-Out. Clicking that link would alert me to remove you from my "list."

Thanks for your help in answering this,
George Wright
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    Hi George,

    I may be misunderstanding the legalities here, but I have always thought that if someone has purchased from you and is thus a customer, then you can place them on your customer list and contact them until or unless they ask you to stop.

    The legislation will be different in different parts of the world, I appreciate, so I stand to be corrected.

    Jeff Henshaw.
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    You know Jeff, I think you are right.

    I guess I'm just spooked by this litigious society

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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