Did you get the Hostgator $100 Google Adwords Coupon?

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I receive a letter from Hostgator for a $100 Google Adwords coupon. I went to Google and tried to redeem this coupon. To be honest with you I am afraid to death of Google Adwords but thought that I would give it a try with a $100.00 coupon.

Unfortunately, I went through the whole process and could not figure out how to redeem this thing. Anyone else have this problem. It is possible that I may be looking in all the wrong places.
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    i have one too and when i used it i just went to the billing section and redemed it from there.

    kind regards

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    I hot the offer as well but it said it was for new accounts only. What a bummer.

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    If anyone has one they cannot use then, I'd be happy to take it off your hands! PM me!!

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      Originally Posted by JennSpencerIM View Post

      If anyone has one they cannot use then, I'd be happy to take it off your hands! PM me!!

      I believe they can only be redeemed by the person that received them. I got one as well and I remember there being a condition like this.

      If you would be setting up a new account, you can easily still find vouchers like these on eBay as well.

      - Mike
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    Received same $100 coupon in an envelope with a Hostgator return address.
    Some restrictions apply so be sure to read the information on the backside & near the bottom of the page on the letter you received.
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      Aw, I didn't get one. Are they mailed? I just moved and now the new tenant probably has mine
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    I got the HostGator coupon (haven't used it yet) and also got a $100 AdWords valentine coupon from Google. Ahh, Google will you be mine?
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    They are for a brand new account only

    But they do work

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    Oh, I hope I get one! I got a coupon like this directly from Google last year and used it to test GoogleAds for the first time. Warning: When I used it last year, not only did I have to pay a $5 setup (no biggie), I also got charged a monthly fee even AFTER my campaign was over (and even though I didn't go over my free coupon amount). So just beware of what you're agreeing to!

    Lain Ehmann
    Enchant your audience and enthrall your market!
    Podcast interviews with Branding Rockstars

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      I have been getting an itch to try PPC for quite a while. I will have to educate myself a bit about Adwords first.
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