SEO Page Rank 4 website - worth keeping?

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I have a google PageRank 4 web domain that i have let go into RDP (redemption) anyway the point is should i renew it at a cost of $250s (as far as i know it should keep the Page Rank value)

does anyone think its worth keeping for SEO purposes

ie. using it to link from/to??

i know PR is a hotely debated topic on its importance/value in SEO efforts
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    Who's charging you $250 to take it out of redemption? It should only be $100-125.
    ICANN charges the registrar $80 or so dollars as a convenience fee for this service, but the registrar (like Godaddy) can increase that price to anything.

    Anyway...a PR4 domain can sell without content for $200-400 and you can sell links on it (no more than 4-6) for $40-100/mo. So I'd keep it for $100 easy, but $250 I'd be sure that I was going to monetize it and not let it sit around.

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  • If you couldn't make money with it then... why now?

    PR isn't anything more than a measurement... just like the temperature.

    What matters is targeted traffic and a plan to do something with it.
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    I'd too would like to know who is charging $250 to reclaim your domain. That's outrageous. One of the registrars I use charges $100, and someone a week or so ago here said theirs charged $75.00. I want to stay clear of your registrar for about price gouging!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      hi thanks for all your replies,

      1. its ENOM (who have just been taken over by bulk reigster - well theyve taken over domain admin) that is charging $250s for redemption fee... i will email them, what should i say, theyve just given me an account manager apparently...

      2. I know i havent done anything with the domain so i let it lapse, ive just woken up and realised i probably should of kept it, it was even getting a few hundread visitors a month i think (type ins - im not sure)!!!!!
      i really do shoot myself in the foot sometimes...

      3. so wait if a PR4 website was built up with a proper website, you could get upto 4 links at $100s/month - so upto $400s in advertising revenue per month?

      4. i was thinking if i redemeed it, i could do as i said and useed it for SEO purposes to try to boost my new website(s).... what is the best of doing this, i have a couple of other PR3 websites, i use to just link them to my "money websites" putting content about the money website on these PRanked sites...

      5. last thing i promise (!), my understanding is that the PR value should stick even when it comes out of redepemption, it only loses it, once it expires?
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    If you are not making money out of it...then sell it.
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      Just sell it, try to add some content and a little bit goes a long way. if you start getting some sort of traffic people will pay upwards of a 1000 for it. It is not worth trashing a PR4, might as well buy the 250, add to it, and try to turn it around and sell for 500-600, people will buy.
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