Which Websites Do You Visit Daily? And Why?

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We visit the websites that we visit for a reason. It can be
for information, entertainment, etc...

By sharing the websites that we visit daily and stating why, we
can create a very valuable thread. We could get a lot of new

I'll start with mine:

NOTE: These websites were put in no particular order


Everyone uses search engines nowadays, and just like
many other people, I use google since they have the most
efficient search engine.


There's always something cool to watch, and to comment on.
Whenever I'm bored, I head over to youtube to watch something


We have a vast amount of good knowledge here... and the
members are great. You can learn, integrate with other
experienced marketers, make JV deals, and make money.


One of my favorite websites since it has information on
everything. I learn plenty of stuff from wikipedia every day.
Whenever I hear about something that I don't know a lot about,
I look it up on wikipedia.


To check my marketing lists, since I use their autoresponder.


A 'how to do stuff' website. Always comes in handy when
I try to do something new.


I download stuff daily and I download most of it from


It's a movie database where you can find information
on movies & actors. Since I watch a lot of movies,
I find it very helpful.


To check my balance, to send money and
to withdraw money to my bank account.

Those are the ones that I visit mostly.

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    Apart from warrior forum, and paypal with which I'm having a dispute now a days, i visit
    streaming movie sites, php learning forum, and copywriting board.
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    I visit a few sites daily.. Some of em hourly.. Im a freak in that sense.

    Gmail (Always open.. Always)
    Warrior Forum
    Furniture Fashion Blog (Awesome furniture designs..)
    Flippa (Great place to get niche ideas and see how others are monetizing)
    BBC Sport/ Football
    Pixlr Editor (for quick photo editing)

    There are other niche blogs i visit daily.. but those may not be relevant since i visit them to get ideas for posts for my own niche blogs.

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    Hey guys,

    I have really tried to be focused this year. I've spent years learning how to program but not exactly the steps to make money online.

    So this year, I'm questioning everything I do throughout my working day and see if it fits in with my goal (I want 5 sites that make $1000 a month by mid 2010 and 20 sites that make $1000 a month by the end of 2011).

    I used to spend all this time checking out sites like cnn.com, local news websites, etc.. but then I thought.. why? Why am I having somebody else dictate what they feel is news. I may sound like a heartless ******* when I say this, but so what if something happens on the other side of the world, or to other people. I should focus on my own priorities. I mean, at the end of the day most of these large news sites have their own agendas, and they are missing out on 99% of the tragedies and news that happen out there.

    At the end of the day I spend 95% of my time infront of a computer to get work done, I'm not paying myself to do something akin to the offline version of read the newspaper or watch tv.

    With that said, I stumbled across warrior forum in January, and instantly got hooked. I schedule a bit of every day to check out this site, and note down any large interesting threads that I don't have the ability to act on right away.

    My other websites I check out:
    gmail.com: I have all my email going through here
    google reader: This is where I aggregate all my content. i have my favourite blogs categorised. i.e. web marketing, high PR dofollow blogs, etc
    google docs: i have an online diary of sorts in a simple spreadsheet that i copy and paste any interesting things, websites, learnings I find throughout the day. I know there are many different diary products, but essentially a plain text file works for me

    I must say again, I have this site immensely useful. It kind of feels overwhelming!
    codefixit.com - Help with your HTML, Wordpress and Web Hosting problems - No fix, no fee.
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    Hi guys

    very interesting post!

    for business purposes i will always visit everyday:

    Yahoo - for my emails
    Aweber - To check on my new subscribers or send out broadcasts etc
    Hostgator - Im always uploading or changing something
    Statcounter - Im into seo at the moment and checking on search terms that people are clicking on
    Twitter/Facebook - for networking with people

    From a personal point of view i hate spending money so will read my newspaper online and sky sports to see how man united are doing!

    Though i do visit IMDB a lot because im always watching new films and i want to read reviews before i watch it.

    kind regards

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    I go to

    Because it has a row of tabs to open all the emails and youtube facebook etc

    All the main email companies
    Because I get a tide of crap in my in-box everyday but sometimes a well buried nugget

    to check on the list

    All my websites
    They recently all went down together so I check daily now

    Gooogle Analytics
    Where I grumble and groan and then move on to...

    To see what you are all up to

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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      Google - To search on 'anything' I'm interested in or don't know the meaning of

      Warriorforum - Internet Marketing Knowledge and Networking

      Youtube - Look at the NBA videos and any other interesting videos that come up


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        InfoBarrel.com - I earn hundreds ($$$) every month there, just writing for residuals. I've written for eHow, Squidoo, and HubPages, and I earn significantly more on InfoBarrel than I do other places....

        - Pat Flynn is AWESOME....his story is captivating....and, his blog is jam-packed with information that I used to develop my own eBook Course project. He always responds to emails, and comments back to readers....I visit this blog more frequently than any other blog.

        AllMilitary.com - I'm in the Military.

        Facebook.com - Doesn't everyone? lol....

        Quirky.com - Just an awesome site all around. Influence product design, etc...

        CrowdSpring.com - I gain inspiration and influence from following and analyzing the posted work of other creatives.

        - Of course...lol

        KillerStartups.com - I like to keep serious tabs on newest Startups to be released by Aspiring Entrepreneurs everywhere. This is one awesome site...I've been following it for quite some time now....

        Aweber - Creation/Managemenet of my lists.

        Pandora.com - Purely Entertainment...."a New Kind of Radio"....I play it while working on projects....

        AllNurses.com - Male Nurse

        Squidoo.com - I don't use this quite as often now, however, I still like to link to my Info Barrel articles from the tons of lenses I've created already.

        Mashable.com - "The Social Media Guide" - Use it to keep up with news and trends.


        (I'll EDIT if I think of more)
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          Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

          Out of interest, how many articles and for how long did it take to get to the hundreds per month level?

          Hey Chris,

          I've been writing there since August, and have 211 articles...

          ...Unfortunately, my first 150 or so articles didn't really earn anything at all....it wasn't until I began to study and grasp SEO and LSI, that my articles really began to earn...

          I'm pushing $300 a month there....my friend has around the same amount of articles as I do, yet, he is pushing around $800/month now....it just all depends....

          ....the site gains 400,000+ Uniques (Google AdPlanner) per month, yet it is a PR4 site and probably a Mid-level competitor in this industry...and, doesn't have quite the search engine authority as Squidoo or HubPages.....

          ....I could write forever about this....but, it seems like every thread I touch turns out to be about Info Barrel....LOL....

          ....we can talk offline (via PM) if you want to talk more about it or have more questions....I don't want to take this thread away from what it was originally intended...
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    Here are just a Few more:


    I'd really recommend these to anyone in IM, for obvious reasons.
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    Google, Warriorforum and PayPal for sure.

    Other sites depend on the main activity I am into each day, though most of them relates to IM.
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    Nah Just kidding!

    Real List:

    Warrior Forum
    Google Mail
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    I visit the following site daily:
    warriorforum.com {For IM and fresh information}
    Yahoo.com&Google.com {For search engine and to check my emails}
    Facebook.com{To share what is in my heart with friends and siblings}
    nichesinfo.com{To get info on finances tips,Travels tips, cars tips,computers tips,video tips and shopping tips as well as to get updated with current news}
    linkreferral{for traffic generation to my sites}

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    WARRIOR FORUM - It's where I live

    SQUIDOO - I found the secret to rank lenses white hat.
    and plan to build a lot in the coming days.

    GOOGLE - It's my car online

    PAYPAL - It's my bank online

    So many other places but I'll keep them to myself, thank you.
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      Originally Posted by rapidscc View Post

      WARRIOR FORUM - It's where I live

      SQUIDOO - I found the secret to rank lenses white hat.
      and plan to build a lot in the coming days.

      GOOGLE - It's my car online

      PAYPAL - It's my bank online

      So many other places but I'll keep them to myself, thank you.
      Cool stuff...have you written alot of lenses, rapid? Any in the Top 1,000/2,000/ or 5,000 lensrank?
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        When I read the question, I didn't even think about Google as a 'website' - it's just a tool built into the browser along with other tools. It is indeed a website, Wikipedia says so :p, so I guess it goes on the list...

        Same goes for Google Reader, where I can scan the headlines from a bunch of blogs in a very short amount of time. Although now that I think about it, that list needs pruning again.

        Add Gmail and a couple of other email services - I didn't count them as websites, because I don't think of or use them like that.

        Warrior Forum - it's my combination of learning library and replacement for a group of office peers, a place to gossip, joke around and talk shop.

        Yahoo Sports, where I can keep tabs on my favorite sports teams in very little time.

        YouTube, for both education and entertainment.

        I can't think of too many that make the daily milk run besides those. Lots of sites I hit because they serve whatever task I'm doing, but I may go days without seeing some of them. Others, I only hit when when of the tell-tales I have planted goes off (Google alerts and blog moderation notifications, mostly)
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    Yups took me 22 lenses to make the experiment.

    Presently have 1 in the 2000, and another 1 in the 30k and a few
    in the 80k's. The funny thing about this is that before I applied
    the technique all were beyond 200k

    It was accidental when it happened. Then suddenly one got lots
    of hits and so I did the same thing with the second one about
    a month ago and it too increased in ranking.

    The funny thing is, the second lens was made for fun, not really
    to make money or anything.

    About a few days ago, I played with the third and LO! just today
    when I checked it out it had hits and climbed as my top 3 lens.

    While my fourth lens that I applied the technique just had a few
    visits, it had about .47 cents commission (this week too). It's
    pretty small, even tiny but I'm now seeing how things work.

    Will still have to dig deeper into this and will see if it will work on
    the remaining 18 more lenses.

    Till then I think I have to keep quiet.
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    Google - to check email and adwords campaigns

    Facebook - to check or add content to my fan page, and for personal stuff

    YouTube - to listen to my favorite music and to check view counts for my vids

    Warrior Forum - to check for posts I can add value to (and to lurk )

    Twitter - to see if i was @replied at all and to maybe actually tweet something

    That's all I can think of right now as my kids are screaming


    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    Email accounts
    icanhascheezburger.com (for giggles)
    thehype.com (for music)
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    Online Banking



    Design news and articles.

    I'll add in more when i think of them
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    Who doesn't?

    Check out what my friends are up to, any parties going on at the weekend

    Digital Point
    Link Building

    My Own Sites
    Building Content
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    Here are the sites I visit most of the time:

    1. I visit gmail to check my mail. Actually I spend a lot of time in two of my gmail accounts to answer emails and to send out emails. I also do Google searches throughout the day.

    2. I visit youtube to check out my friends videos and to look for something interesting, funny or educational to watch.

    3. Mylot - Mylot is a social networking discussion forum, and I'm able to sit back relax and talk about anything under the sun, and get paid a little bit.

    4. I log into facebook to say a word or two and check out friends updates.

    5. Paypal - I log into my paypal account to either check for new sales or transfer funds to bank account.

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    my personal website

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    Amazon (to check my sales)
    Ebay Affiliate Site (to check my commissions)
    Woot (I'm a sucker for a deal)
    and my traffic monitoring services for my sites.

    Sam Mancuso
    President, RuzzMan LLC
    www.LEDdim.com Innovative, elegant solution to glaring, annoying LEDs on electronics.

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    I visit Google: Because it's my default homepage
    Ezine: For my Article Submission Work
    WF: My Favorite Forum
    Twitter and Faceb
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    The most useful website i've ever used is:

    cnet download dot com

    google ROCKS!
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    This forum
    Mark Forster Time Management Coach
    David Allen's GTD Site
    News sites
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    My site
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    - Google Analytics
    - Stats (cj.com, affiliate sites)
    - Google Checkout/Paypal
    - iGoogle (which has update on blogs, quotes)
    - email (outlook) - not a website
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      Gmail - I check it almost every fifteen minutes
      - Paypal
      - Twitter
      - Warrior
      - Geeks
      - Fmylife - this site is crazy! But its like a fresh whiff of air in a smog-filled city.
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    I constantly get great productivity tips from these sites and other not-so-common knowledge.
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    stock market watch...Youtube. Currently, I hate the look of the stock market watch cause it's going down...so for the moment I could say Youtube
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    Why is it only one lady has responded here I wonder? Does this mean women don't follow main trending topics! ; ) (Who's done the research I have!?)

    My own wordpress website - still under construction
    My Affiliates
    Facebook - to catch up with chums n associates and post the odd bit
    5 minute daily clicks for 'meditation' purpposes to The Rainforest Site / Breast Cancer Site / Hunger...etc
    BBC.co.uk - great research resources and daily news / Radio 4 whilst working
    Gmail a few times a day
    Randomly throughout the week I have regulars such as: The Alternative Energy Speculator, Green Chip Stocks, my stock broker (to be when I start to invest my lovely earnings one day)
    Grrl stuff: The Secret Womens Business Network / Forbes Women / Braveheart WOmen TV channel /
    Youtube - research and entertainment
    How To
    mmm so many....
    Various Forums - here, Better Networker, Google Groups, Others to which I am an affiliate
    Ecology related sites
    Other womens' blogs more than blokes..... (you guys get enough attention already!)
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      Great Post:

      Here is my daily routine.

      1. Gmail (open only for 2 hours, then close) Too much distraction if I keep it open all day. I answer support and questions for swaps and shut er down!

      2.) I visit my websites Fireball Express, Explosive Manual Traffic. Send out daily email, answer support tickets, Set up a daily surf bonus......Then onward

      3.) I usually visit Tim Linden's Blog to add a remark

      4.) I am part of several Ad Swap groups on Skype. This I spend quite a bit of time on. Making contacts and setting up swap dates. I go invisable if it's too crowded and work one on one.

      5.) I also work with a partner through Skype.

      6.) My daily visit to my c-panel to update offers and set up new ones.

      7.) Somewhere down the road , I check for any payments

      8.) I visit my swap partners offer's to make sure it fots with my Niche

      9.) I spend a good amount of time at Traffic Wave, the auto responder I use, setting up ads and offers and of course checking the sub count.

      10.) I also visit TE Toolbox for any tracking that I am doing for the day. Reset counters and add where needed.

      Heck, as I am writing this out, I can't help but wonder how I can change this activity to be much more productive.

      Well, enough for me, Thanks for the question,
      Douglas J Gregory
      "The Transformation Marketer"
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    and many other secret places
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      Google for research
      gmail for emails
      yahoomail for emails also
      Yahoo Messenger for chatting
      Skype for chatting also
      secretstaff.com - to purchase any services for the lowest price and avail some for FREE services

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    Yahoo Mail
    The Big websites everyday without fail, cannot live without them!!!
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    Yahoo email. (also always open)
    2 Forums in my niche
    Facebook (I love facebook, addicted for sure)
    Ezine Articles
    2 work at home forums, including this one.
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      pretty obvious

      political info

      sports info

      google analytics/reader
      traffic stats/blog commenting

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      First of all I open Google for searching, then gmail, orkut, yahoomail, and news sites.
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    Gmail: email
    Warrior Forum: expand IM knowledge
    Bluehost: my web hosting
    Clickbank: product promotions
    Whatever site I'm working on that day..
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    arsenalnews dot net
    soccerfanbase dotcom
    arsenal dot com
    google dotcom
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  • Profile picture of the author simonjwarner
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1726959].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Hooper
    Google Analytics

    Few times week
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    1. Google for all my daily search needs and questions.

    2. Yahoo for my email account and daily news updates on their home page.

    3. Msn.com for more news covereage.

    4. Warrior Forum to get IM udpates and news

    5. Bloosky .com to check my on the business

    These are the websites I check every single day! They help my world to keep spinning
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    Google: to search, check email, and do keyword research

    Yahoo Site Explorer: Monitoring the links to my various websites

    Warriorforum: Of course. This is where I learned about 90% of what I know about internet marketing.

    Clickbank: to Check my affiliate campaigns

    Craigslist: Post ONE AD per day

    Ezinearticles: Write some articles and check my stats

    Youtube: For fun. I haven't really gotten into video marketing yet.

    I am sure their are some others, just can't think of them right now.
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    Google, Yahoo...everyday. Youtube once in a while. And of course, sites related to my business, such as Paypal.
    FREE URL Submission to 44 Search Engines!
    We also offer web directory submission to 4,000+
    directories for as little as 10 cents a directory.
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    Google search
    Google insight

    Luke Smith | Affiliate Manager
    (858) 848-LUKE
    IM: LukeMotive
    SKYPE : lukejSmith1

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  • Profile picture of the author enwereuzo
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1730444].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author FriendlyRob
    apart from my own sites,

    Google- to research niches
    Clickbank- to research niches
    Ebay - to research niches

    tsn.ca - a Canadian sports station site, to relax and check on the Bruins.

    See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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  • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
    The only ones I'm almost sure to visit every day are:

    Warrior Forum

    Google - Search and Article Research

    Google - Gmail

    Google - Analytics

    Google - Documents for writing articles

    Amazon - For Article Research

    Invariably article research will end me up at Ehow, EzineArticles, WikiPedia, and WikiHow.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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  • Profile picture of the author youngmillionaire
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1730675].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author John Atkins
    Thanks a lot for contributing guys! Some websites mentioned in
    this thread are new to me, and some of them are really cool.

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  • Profile picture of the author gabibeowulf
    traffic stats
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1734454].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author simbat
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1734465].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author neodarth
    - Google
    - Warrior Forum
    - My blogs
    - My sites
    - Youtube
    - other IM forums
    - cbtrends
    - spyfu
    - wikipedia
    - tweetspinner

    two hours surfing *ahem* searching, two hours writing, when I quit my 8 hours/day, I will have plenty of free time to spare.
    ==> Negocios Estables en la Web Internet marketing en español.

    ==> Internet Marketing Newbie Created for IM virgins
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  • Profile picture of the author Brotato
    google.com - My default search engine
    adsense - Check my earnings once or twice a day
    maxbounty.com - check my earnings
    neverblue.com - check my earnings
    google trends - like checking this site but not sure why
    tinyftw.com - my favorite short url provider
    ebay.com - love checking the daily deals
    newegg.com - once again love the daily deals

    bunch of other sites not worth mentioning
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  • Profile picture of the author trytolearnmore
    Warrior Forum
    Entrepreneurs Journey
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  • Profile picture of the author calfen
    Warrior forum
    Gmail-->need check email everyday
    prettymay.net-->our business website, daily maintain purpose
    paypal &2CO-->Count money
    wordpress-->my blog
    linkedin.com-->my connection with friends
    skype.com-->our business based tool, so need check whether any news
    Facebook-->some of my friend there
    Digg--> find the best digg
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  • Profile picture of the author manishrawat
    There are many websites daily visit , for numerous reasons and numbers of time.

    I use Google(as search engine) every time I need to find something online,
    I use Warrior every time I need to collect public opinion over some thing.
    To see daily inspirations and collect resources I visit bestpsdtohtml.com, bestdesigntuts, smashing magazine, abduzeedo, etc.

    Flickr, facebook and twitter are other sites which I visit very often a day.

    PSD to HTML / Theme Conversion Service - PixelCrayons.com

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  • Profile picture of the author rypher21
    forum sites
    my sites
    Business Consulting Services - Kittelson & Carpo Consulting
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  • Profile picture of the author awmi
    comscore.com - "...the global source of digital market intelligence and the most preferred measurement service"

    emarketer.com - "Objective Analysis of Internet Market Trends"

    ecommerce-guide.com - Marketing news trends and tips

    searchengineguide.com -SEO info

    scottrade.com - stocks are cheap right now - looking for the next netflix. If I had bought NetFlix at under $30 I would be dizzy right now at over $90 per share.

    soccernet.com - "Original" Football - WC 2010 30 days away

    goal.com - more football
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  • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
    Warrior Forum
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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Kitada
    Since I'm more of a photographer than a marketer, I visit a lot of photo-based sites.
    I always try to check out:
    Strobist.com - great for learning lighting with small speedlights
    ScottKelby.com - the PhotoShop guru!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author JayPeete
    I mainly visit Google for research and WF for ideas.

    What Misunderstood Traffic Source SUCKS In
    3 Million Visitors Daily and Spits Out
    $560.81 Per Day In Commissions?
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  • Profile picture of the author Diana Lane
    The usual stuff like PayPal and Adsense, Amazon and eBay affiliate accounts, as well as the BBC News site, BBC Sport during the football season and the WordPress Codex, which sadly pampers my Inner Geek. I have a bit of a thing for biographies on Wikipedia too, but it can suck time all too easily as there is always another link to chase there and so I make a point of limiting that one.

    This place has it's attractions as well

    Plot short fiction, long fiction, even outline non-fiction * Edit the question prompts to suit your genre * Easily export text and image files for use with your word processor or Scrivener.
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  • Profile picture of the author remyhenry
    I visit
    stay at warriorforum
    BBC Sport
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  • Profile picture of the author warriorkay

    and a host of others,

    Kingged.com Coaching and Partnership Program
    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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  • Profile picture of the author Damien Roche
    I notice nobody has admitted to any PORN sites. Do you all have other half's living with you?


    I won't even repeat the trend above. Same here, gmail, paypal and warriorforum and my own sites...wait..I just did clever me.
    >> Seasoned Web Developer (CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby) <<
    Available for Fixed Fee Projects and Hourly ($40/hr)
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Ranger
    PayPal for incoming payments for mostly info products.
    NoChex for ecommerce payments.
    All the e-mail accounts.
    Google AdWords to check nothing has gone crazy overnight.
    MailChimp for new subscribers.
    Hacker News for latest web-type news ( Hacker News <- highly recommended )
    Forums, RSS feeds.

    Usually in that order. Sometimes end up checking BBC Football for the latest football news before I get started.
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  • Profile picture of the author Biggy Fat
    Cool thread! Here are mine:

    Google: Obvious reasons.

    Amazon: Again, obvious reasons.

    Yahoo: Not as much as Google, but obvious reasons.

    Warrior Forum: Whenever I'm not working on chasing my pipe dream, I stop by here to offer help, get help, or just plain chat.

    Fanfiction.net: I occasionally stop here to read up on some good fanfiction. I used to write fanfics back in the day, and I'm on the verge of a return after a eight year hiatus.

    IMRant.com - My blog, whenever I wanna post updates on my pipe dream chase, or if I wanna post an Opp, an AJ, or a Rant, this is where I go.

    YouTube: Entertainment in its finest online.

    DP: Double Penetration, um, I mean Digital Point. I go by the online scamming capital of the world to find someone to outsource to for the low. DP DOES have some trustworthy and reputable folks but scammers still lurk there.

    Flippa: The former Sitepoint is where I basically look at sites for sale, what has sold, and whatnot to see what trends I can use come the time I start to flip my sites.

    My Local News Website: To check out the weather for my area.

    EzineArticles: To check stats on my articles, submit new articles when I need to, among other things.

    There are others but I'm too sleepy to remember them now.
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  • Profile picture of the author MrDay
    I condensed some of my list...

    all of my email account sites - 4 different ones
    webmaster forums - of course includes warrior forum
    social media sites - you gotta network and see what's trendin, FB and Twitter for sure
    many of my own sites - gotta put in work daily
    aweber - my favorite one
    all of my sites I use for backlinks and seo - gotta hit the front page of the serp's
    hostgator - my hosting and the best btw, I've got 2 hosting accounts with them
    google - my favorite search engine and of course my webmaster tools
    youtube - like watching my favorite vids, need a break once in awhile
    about 20 of my closest competitors sites - do i really need to explain
    problogger -
    shoemoney - If you want to be successful at something you gotta learn from the
    dailyblogtips - BEST!
    jonathonvolk -
    copyblogger -
    several other good ones but I gotta jet for now.

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  • Profile picture of the author Medway1
    Obviously I visit my email accounts etc but in addition:

    Sportinglife.com - for work and pleasure
    Attheraces.com - again for work and pleasure
    Newsnow.co.uk specifically Tottenham Hotspur page to check news for my football/soccer team
    Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
    A fans view of all thing Tottenahm Hotspur
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  • Profile picture of the author Leslie B
    The sites I visit daily:

    forums - WF being one of them
    gmail of course
    google reader - I have rss feeds coming in there for topics I have sites about. Gives me new ideas for blog posts
    and my guilty pleasure: fanfiction.net (but don't tell anyone LOL)

    Taking it one day at a time!
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  • Profile picture of the author randypatok
    I usually check sites like Google search, adsense, WF, hotmail and so on and fort...
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  • Google, twitter, facebook, warriorforum, youtube, gmail, ezine
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