Using Different Usernames With SEO Link Dominator When Backlinking?

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I've been using the SEO Dominator to start building backlinks to my blog. After thinking about it, I feel like I'm leaving a pretty big foot print by using the same username for all of the accounts I'm creating. Wouldn't Google see the same username over and over and not give my links much credit or maybe no credit at all? It just doesn't seem to look all that natural.

As far as I know, the SEO Dominator doesn't allow you to use different usernames very easily (where it stores a different username for each website you are creating a backlink on so you can log back into it later). Is there any way around this with the program?

Thank you for your time and help!!
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    I am not sure about SEO Dominator. But google not penalize if it see same user name, but if are using same anchor text for your blog on 100's of site that can be problem.

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    So you think I should vary my anchor text? I've heard different opinions on that...I guess you could go either way then?


    J. Money

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      Originally Posted by jmoney84 View Post


      So you think I should vary my anchor text? I've heard different opinions on that...I guess you could go either way then?

      You 'need' to vary your 'anchor text' and 'descriptions'. I would suggest at 'least' 3 anchor text values to spin. preferably your main keyword phrases and some long tail phrases.

      Both the anchor and descriptions spin against the set of rotated urls you add.


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  • The footprint is not so much from your username or anchor text (Which are very easy to find in themselves) but the FACT that the ratio of incoming links are all coming from the same sources (e.g. Blog Comments).

    Who knows what ratios Google uses to determine natural vs artificial self created links.

    For me I choose to be consistent in my anchor text using the same phrase over and over. But I choose to use different sources for links - Social Networks, Blog Comments, User Profiles. And I also have a good number of Natural Links created by scrapers, users, and other sources.

    If there were a specific way to know exactly what Google wanted everyone would just do that and the SERP's would be skewed. So once again the only definitive answer is to try and look as natural as possible and test and adjust.

    There are plenty of potentially Bad things you can do when linking, but no real definitive of what is the "Best Way". It's trial and error.
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    So it sounds like I really need to have a mixture of different backlinks versus from just one source. That definitely makes sense.

    I appreciate your help!

    J. Money

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    Here's what I do:

    I use Steve's software to create high PR profile links to my blog. Same username on each account. I don't spin my anchor text for profile links I just focus on my main keyword.

    I then create an RSS feed from all my profile links and submit it to RSS aggregators using SENUKE.

    I copy all my profile links from the RSS feed and paste them into SENUKE, then I randomly bookmark the URL's to random bookmark accounts.

    For anchor text variation:

    Every day I spin an article and submit it to MyArticleNetwork and I spin three or four different anchor text variations per article.

    M.A.N doesn't have a feature which tells you which blogs your articles were posted on, but if you turn on trackbacks in Wordpress you'll get 80% of the links to your articles delivered to your spam comments section.

    I copy all the URL's from my trackbacks and I randomly bookmark them in SUNUKE.

    The blogs which M.A.N post's to are 99% low pagerank, so the backlinks don't really carry that much value, that's why I don't use my main keyword as anchor text.

    Even though the links don't carry much value it still gives me diverse anchor text links coming from lots of different URL's. Giving me that natural look.

    I save my main keyword anchor text to use on sites which will pass through link value - High PR Profiles.

    M.A.N tip - Submit each spun article to two or more categories. The more categories you submit to - the more links you get
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      I'm wondering if using a username with a format like SallyJ8654 which gives you a very reduced occurrence getting rejected due to "name already taken" heightens the likelyhood of having the forum admin flagging it as spam and deleting the account.


      One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

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