Are Sales Videos getting too loooong?

by Bobru
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It seems to me that video sales pitches are getting longer every the last couple of days I've clicked on a few of them, just to find myself wondering "is this thing EVER going to end?" I don't know what the offer was, because I got sick of listening to the endless sales pitch without specifics, the fabulous friends and lifestyle, the humongous paypal accounts, etc. and exited the page before I ever heard the offer. Do these ultra-long videos really convert better than short, to the point videos? At least with a never-ending sales letter you can skip down to the bottom; but with these long winded videos now, you can't do that. Nor can you see how long they are, or fast forward with most of it just me?? I don't have 20 minutes to sit around and listen to every sales pitch that comes down the pike! Just wondering how others regard these chatty Cathys....
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    I don't have much experience with videos, so I can't tell you whether or not they convert better than shorter ones, but I CAN tell you that I just cannot stand to sit through the things.
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    I don't look at them any more for that reason. At least a long sales letter can be scanned. A long video must be watched... or not.
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    I totally agree, the videos are just too long, watching just one of those can tire me out. Even if I do buy the product afterwards, I end up so exhausted from the sales video I get a massive headache jfeak nvie my mind is all over the place.

    I'd love to see a quick and to the point sales video where they tell you what you get, the benefits, and the price. No mind games or anything like that, just straight to the point.
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    Yes, I too agree some of these videos are just way too long
    and I can't understand why they don't simply put controls on them
    ie. fast forward...if they did this they would get alot more people
    watching their video and buying their offer.
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      I think videos are worthless unless your physically showing a process. I don't want to nor care to see someone sit in front of a camera and talk, not for 10 minutes and not for 30 seconds. It's faster to just read.
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    Originally Posted by Bobru View Post

    ....At least with a never-ending sales letter you can skip down to the bottom; but with these long winded videos now, you can't do that....
    au contraire,
    get the firefox browser, add the 'download helper' extension, when on the video sales page click the download helper button and watch it at your liesure with VLC player.
    Just make sure you delete the video after you have watched it.
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    the same can be said for longggg sales letters too, and I don't appreciate the videos that purposely don't provide a play bar to FF.

    Some say they still work, but I have fast become desensitized to them!
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    Is James Cameron producing them?
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      The experience of watching a 20 minute video is entirely different than watching a 3 minute video.

      20 minutes (or even longer) is an investment.

      If you actually DO sit and watch the whole thing, chances are you've felt invested enough to give something a try -- especially a free opt-in.

      I think long video is a good idea, even though it can be annoying to us marketers!

      Be unique.

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