Need a help from expert in Buying Domain.

by arissa
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I am planing to buy few domain names (dot com) .. since i have tight budget so I wanna find the cheapest offer avaialbe online (I dont mind if cheap for 1t year only) ..

So I found some offer $3.99 at globat dot com & $7.99 at hostingdude dot com. I found also cheap price at cheapdomain dot com.

Where most of people who i learn from them doing online biz recomending namecheap & godaddy but thier prices are normal.

So I wanna ask advise from senior IMs here, what you do think ? What do u advise? is good to go to those cheap ones or just stick to realible ?

Thanks guys in advance
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    Not an expert although I have bought A FEW

    I usually go with Godaddy although there were some negative comments about them I haven't had any problems with them. For a few dollars per year I just sleep better at nights. They'll email you numerous times a month prior to the domain expiring and even let you renew after it has expired (a month I think). If you do a Google search for Godaddy the sponsored link gives a discount on the .com

    For the few dollars per year I sleep better knowing it's with a reliable registrar.
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    use godaddy...You cant be wrong with the number 1 domain registar,,
    one tip: just Google "godaddy coupons" and find out active coupon codes,use them when you buying your domain.. .coms can be bought at $ 7.49....
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    Thank guys for the great reply about godaddy, I didnt know about godaddy & $7.49 price. Actually, I bought .info before with godaddy their service superb. But I just looking for cheaper option for dot com .. Any body has experiences with namecheap?
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      I buy only form namecheap at the moment. It´s 9.69 but you do get a free whois protection, which for me makes it worth it. They are also great with communications and even have video tutorials in the website. Love them.

      Writer for hire

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    ok santi, thanks for sharing . I am still considering it but other cheaper offers from other companies seems a bit fishy
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      When buying a single domain Namecheap is less expensive if you want privacy protection, they're also well known and reliable, and will notify you of expiring domains. Privacy protection is free for the first year. And you can just Google "Namecheap coupon" for a little bit of a discount (70 or 80 cents). With godaddy you'll need to order 6 domains for free privacy protection.
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    You run risk by purchasing from these companies as they may be fly by night operations.

    It's a tad bit expensive to buy from Namecheap, but they give you a year's free of privacy protection. And they have been in biz for a long time.
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    I found Domain Name Search which is recomended by one of known warrior IM which sell with $7.49 coupon ..which is cool ..

    But many are also recomending domain with privacy which is cheap in .. but I just wanna ask what is important of having privacy protection? If I hide my info, will it affect my reputation? since I am newbie & I need to build up reputation so that people will trust me ??
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