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Hi, you probably all are tired of those google dance threads just like i was, before it happened to me (probably)
So i created website before 4 days. It got indexed, but yesterday deindexed. So i used - SEO Ranking Services - Quick Google Index to ping it, i used all sites. Later, yesterday i found that i am not in top 1000 for my keywords (although i was ~230 in the morning). Still, when i search in google, i find the my website. So this means it is just google dance and soon i will be back on rankings, right? All i need to do before it happens is to build backlinks, right?

Thanks a lot
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    You'll become more consistent in the results over time. Just make sure you are building quality links and content, and you will see continued improvement in traffic from google.
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    It's just Google messing around with your site. Perfectly normal. Same thing happened to me. When I launched my site in July last year, I created quite a few strong backlinks slowly. Over the course of a couple months, the site was climbing up the rankings for a very competitive keyword. The site made it within the top 80 and after a week, it vanished altogether from the top 1000! Then it came back at around 400+ and was thrown around all over the place. LOL!!!
    Now it's in the top 100. But it's really a case of the Google dance as you said. Nobody can ever really explain why it happens.:confused:
    From my perspective, Google rewards seniority. So the older your site, the better. Not to mention solid backlinks from other reputable sites.
    Heck, there is a blogspot blog in the top 10 for the keyword I'm competing for. The blog hasn't even been updated in a year but still, it's right there in the top 10 every day! Google just appreciates seniority in this case.
    You have to pay your dues.
    So don't worry about your site. It will find stability soon. Just make sure to build your site's SEO gradually. Slow and steady! Don't throw a whole lot of backlinks to your site so quickly since then your site will be penalized.
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