What would you do if you went blind?

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What would you do if you were to lose your vision? Even if it was only temporarily for a couple of months?

Those of you that are established with some passive incomes, would yall manage just fine?

What if you were just starting out in IM and haven't managed to get everything setup yet?

I go back to the eye doctor tomorrow for a follow up. The steroid eye drops don't seem to be helping the pain in my eyes. A year and a half ago I got uveitis (inflamation of the eye, in my case due to arthritis of my spine) in my left eye and had to keep it completely dilated for two months. I often had headaches and couldn't read or do much as it put much strain on my right eye.

Well a couple of weeks ago I started having pain in both eyes and saw the dr again. Was given steroid eye drops for two weeks and a follow up. Since there isn't any improvement I'm afraid that I'm going to have to dilate both eyes for some time.

I'm not sure what to do as I'm just working on my one page and haven't even gotten my new blog moved from blogger to it's own domain or new setup. If I have to dilate my eyes I'd have an hour or so that I might be able to do some work a day, and I know that's not near enough time to put to work.

I think if I had the money I'd try to outsource the work, but the problem would be not being able to check for questions or even make sure the work was being done or double check it.
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    Personally, I can walk people through a lot of things IM and PC related. I'd probably set up an account with www.Ether.com and charge something low like 50 cents a minute to help people. It wouldn't be much but at least it would be something.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      This would be really unfortunate..but would have to surely find ways and means...:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Hello TheUnknownThem,

    Outsourcing is a great option, if you can afford it ... PM me for ideas there

    I started a thread You can Stop Typing Tomorrow ... Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.0 Standard for Cheap

    It has worked wonders for me ... so check it out and I am not an affiliate.

    Will keep you in my Daily Prayers

    All the Best to You and Your Family ... Ron
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    I definitely see how that would be a major challenge. I wish you the best with your condition.

    God forbid, if you ever went blind, there are some solutions for the blind on the Internet. A quick search for "Internet for the blind" brings up a bunch of results.

    It's not something I really think about, but I think I would survive. I'm in the position where I can spend money to outsource and hire helpers.

    If you're a one man operation with no money to invest, it's very tough. Maybe you can outsource revenue generating work and pay for it with the money you make.

    What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. May God bless you.
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    It would be an interesting experience to be blind for two months or even one month or one week. In a way I'd like to experience it, but I need to have money coming in in the mean time.

    I should of started researching earlier for what to do as I don't have much time now. It's midnight and appointment is at 10 and I was hoping for a bit of sleep. Though if I can't see I'm sure I'll be trying to sleep a lot.

    I am one man operation that just found IM and was just trying to start. Was hoping to get something going in time to bringing in a little money in two weeks but that didn't happen and was probably too much to ask for.

    @Ron/DebtEliminator - I had read that post/thread and actually got DNS I think because of that thread. Either that or from one talking about making ~$15 an hour writing articles. Only problem I see is I wouldn't be able to proof read or do anything with what I said. When my eye was dilated before I had to have very very dim lights and even then everything was a blur.

    Still working on training DNS but good recommendation.

    @Ron Douglas - I don't currently have revenue generating work to outsource. I was just starting. Just got my first website indexed by Google. It's the one in my sig, plus I have a PIPS site that I haven't even worked on at all. Since I have resell rights to the product and it's not affiliate and I have 0 sells and was just beginning, the best I could do is offer a higher percentage commission on any sales that hit my paypal account than clickbank offers. Since I don't have any kind of affiliate setup I could only offer it to one person, and unless they're experienced with IM it wouldn't be worth it.

    If you buy resell rights to something, can you sell your resell rights to someone else. Transfer all the material to them and then delete it from your computer, website, ect?
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    Going blind?

    It's a challenging and possibly inspiring oppertunity you have.
    You're probably thinking WTF!
    I'm blind myself. I've been blind since I was 18, and I just turned 31.
    So I can relate a bit.
    I won't go too far into la la land, but you can bitch and moan until something gets resolved.
    Or you can resolve to treat this as an oppertunity to grow and be a better person then you thought you could be.
    You can treat this as a metaphor to dig into.
    So that you can come out on the other side changed, and with a better sense of what you're capable of.
    Or you could shut down, losing hope, letting the mindkiller take bits and pieces from you, leaving a husk of a man.
    But that doesn't seem like the type of person you are.

    Send me an note.
    hypnotic.consulting at gmail
    I'm a hypnotist, I've heard of a couple vision issues being handled with hypnosis.
    At the least I'll maybe inspire some ideas that you can work with.
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  • Here's what I'd do:

    Startup Story

    Check out:

    JAWS for Windows (JFW)

    ...and you can Google Nuance Talks (screenreading software solutions for blind mobile phone users), or:

    ...Google screenreading software for blind computer users (there are free ones, too).

    Hope this helps.

    BTW: That story there, that's my startup story.


    Watch My Current R&D Project in Action: Wearable 3D Perception Device for the Blind
    • Please Support My Project at PATREON

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    I emailed you and got a permanent failure, so I tried again, hope it went through this time.

    @Marx - Wow, that is one inspiring story. Unfortunately the software is nearly a grand. I wonder what the demo limits are. I'll have to see about free ones. Thank you for sharing
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      @Marx - Wow, that is one inspiring story. Unfortunately the software is nearly a grand. I wonder what the demo limits are. I'll have to see about free ones. Thank you for sharing
      I got JFW from a support organization here in my country (Resources for the Blind).

      They made me pay only after I have the means to pay. At first, it was a 5-year pay whenever loan, but of course I paid up everything as soon as I signed up our 1st bluechip corporate client (employee volume grew from 4 to 45 because of our 1st bluechip corporate client and from 45 to 105 with our 2nd bluechip corporate client = I couldn't have done this without the software).

      You could perhaps ask your doctors about similar support organizations there.

      Best of luck.

      Watch My Current R&D Project in Action: Wearable 3D Perception Device for the Blind
      • Please Support My Project at PATREON

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    i actually had a problem with my eyes and did lose 80% of my vision in the beginning of 2005 and this is when my hubby decided to join me as he could look after me and at the same time he could do whatever he could with the business.

    I now have 40% of my eyesight and my biggest thing was getting a specialist laptop and i manage pretty well with it. Though it does mean that i get more headaches than the average person due to eye strain.

    If i worked in a normal 9-5 job though i would have quit as internet marketing can be so flexible especially with the hours we work.

    kind regards

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      I you can get used to working with accessibility software, a lot of firms hire people to test their websites etc. to make sure they are accessible to disabled users.

      Here in the UK under the Disability Discrimination Act, you have to make reasonable adjusts for disabled people. So for instance, if a reasonably sized company offers brochures, they are required to offer them in alternative formats if people ask for them.

      It's probably more PR than fear of the law that has the main impact

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    Good news and bad news. Dr said that there was no longer any inflammation, so the uveitis has subsided. The bad news is he doesn't know why my eyes are giving me such pains. Well the dilating drops have finally worn off for the most part, so time to get some work done.
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