Different Niche, Different Market, **Different MARKETING!!

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Hey warriors!

Usually when I'm posting here I'm asking for advice. This time I'm giving it because I have learned a super valuable lesson.

I suppose that is the way this forum goes. You join. You receive awesome advice from an awesome community. Then you give back.

I've been marketing a website in the seduction (teaching men how to get girls) niche for about two months now. I've been toying with copy and have been seeing improvement in everything, except sales.

That's a big one..

Then I stopped and thought (along with the help of some very awesome warriors, like Zach Skinner) and realized something.

If you know your market, know you have a quality product, and know you have copy that should at least convert SOME sales, yet are getting none, then you are marketing the WRONG way.

Seems simple in hindsight but this took me 2 months of work to figure out.

Some people submit articles all day to EZA and make a profit. Thats awesome and definitely works for some, heck even most, niches.

I did this and saw exactly zero sales.


In a niche like pick up and seduction, there are hundreds of guys who claim to know the solution. There are dozens of these guys proving it with live video and seminars.

Without the proof, why would anyone buy from me? They wouldn't.

A nice sales letter for a $7 IM report, backed up with some article marketing and a WSO with 2 positive reviews will get you sales.

This simply doesn't cut it in my niche and it took me a long time to figure this out.

I recently put up about 500 flyers at a very large University campus in the USA and am about to hold my first seduction seminar, for free. This will not only yield me direct sales, but the video proof/marketing needed to succeed in my niche.

So a quick breakdown of the lessons learned.

1. Prove you're product is legit, whatever it takes, or sales will literally be zero. (screen shots, testimonials, video evidence or a combination of all three)

2. If one marketing technique doesn't work, and you know your product or service is quality, never give up and keep trying new things till you find what works!

I'll let you guys know the results of my seminar/new marketing approach. Let's just say I'm excited and VERY optimistic!

Thanks for all your help getting me to where I am warriors.

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    Man, and here I thought he was gonna ask for volunteers to see his prowess in action.


    I miss out on all the good stuff.

    On a serious note, that's great advice. I will definitely take it to the WF notebook, as I'm new here and just figuring out how to get TO the ropes, much less learning them.

    Good luck, check back in with us!

    ...grumble....darn university girls have all the fun....

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    Hi Noah,

    Didn't you capture some names on your site to build a list?

    If you want to get good testimonials I would give a few of those guys a copy of your ebook and ask them to review it for you so you can put it on your site.

    Even your list isn't buying, I bet when you give them a FREE copy and ask then for a review they will give you some of the best testimonials you could ask for.

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      Good idea Terry. I think i'll do that to get a few more testimonials up there. Thanks!
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    Hey Guys,

    Great thread.

    The one thing that you need to do Noah is to get a list going. The larger, the better.

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      Hey Tal thanks for the advice. Yea that is my plan. I'm going to use a video squeeze page to build the list and then send people to my sales letter afterward.

      I'll let you guys know when it's finished
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