Need Info - How Video Capture and Secure?

by npsol
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Not even sure how to ask about all this....

I have a few How-To DVDs that I produced a few years back.

I need to get the video from the DVD to the computer (I have W-XP); edit the footage some; add it to blog /site for paying readers to access. I downloaded "Any Video Converter" (good software to use?) but now what?

1- What size and what file format do I convert the source DVD to? (DVD file is a .VOB)

2- Any recommended easy-to-use video editor?

3- What file format do I save the edited file to?

4- How do I post it to site/blog so that private/only for paying customers to view online?

Sorry for all the questions -- I've been searching forum, but I can't seem to piece it all together.

Thank you

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