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I got a quick backlink question...

i read in one of the IM courses that I's Nitro Blueprint...pretty
good stuff

they quickly talked about how in your RESOURCE BOX section
for article don't want to put your website name directly

INSTEAD...'s better to put a KEYWORD or KEYWORDS and
make those links to your site...

is that true???

Can someone confirm this with me & explain WHY & any
other tips for RESOURCE BOX??

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    I use keywords for my link as the actual term helps with your rankings because it is seen as relevant.

    So for a diet website called you would wrap this in an a href tag with your keyword

    e.g. <a href="">Quick easy diet</a>

    The keyword "Quick easy diet" is the link text
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    Hi BJ,

    You want to use a keyword as the anchor text and link it back to your site in the resource box because it will help you site get ranked in the search engines for that keyword. The more links you have with keywords as anchor text point to your site, the higher in the search engines your site will rank.

    Also, when you register your domain name you can include keywords that you want to be ranked for inside your domain name.

    By doing this, even if you link back to your site with just your name without any anchor text it will help you get ranked in the search engines for the keywords that your domain name include.

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