Need Step By Step on Transfer of Domain With Site Intact!

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Hi Warriors!

I want to flip websites as easily as I flip Squidoo lenses. I know how to register a domain (I get mine via GoDaddy), I know how to point my nameservers to my Hostgator, install a WordPress blog using Fantastico, upload a new theme, and post a ton of great content up there with products loaded up on it.

What I DON'T know is - what are the technical steps once I sell the blog/domain to someone to get it from MY ownership to THEIRS without anything getting lost in the process?

I'm so confused.
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    Transferring the name is the easy part - transferring the web site is the harder part.

    It's easiest to transfer the name if you just push to their account at the same registrar. If they don't have an account, they can sign up for free. If they don't want to do that, then you need to unlock the name for transfer, get the EPS code and send it to them and tell them to initiate transfer to their registrar of choice.

    If you're transferring the site as well...

    Unless you're including hosting with the package, in which case you give them CPanel access and let them worry about moving it when the hosting time is up (unless you are selling up the hosting renewal).

    Otherwise, you have to send them the site files (picture uploads, theme, plugins) and the database. In my experience, most people will need instructions on how to install Wordpress and import the database.
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    Check out this post and Suzanne's (sbucciarel) free guide:

    Page 13 - 15 of her guide deals with pushing domains...
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    You will need to transfer the domain to the other persons account.

    If you have the other persons account # on Godaddy this will be simple.

    If you are doing this with wordpress, you'll want to back up the blog, and you'll need to transfer the database as well if there is a lot of modifications that have been done.

    Have a quick peek at this post here:

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Thanks so much for asking this question. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you and I have been wondering how to do this myself. I'll be paying close attention to this thread!
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    Oh see it sounds so intimidating - I don't even understand half of what you said tx LOL.

    Mark, thanks - I'll check it out
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    I contacted Hostgator awhile back about having them transfer the blog files. They said they would do it. I'm not certain about charges.

    That was when I had a shared hosting account. If you get a separate account for each domain, or even a resellers account, wouldn't simply transferring the ownership of the domain automatically take the blog with it?
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    Hi Tiffany
    I like your PLR wso's.
    Regarding your flipping of sites:

    Domain Side:
    1.First you have to transfer the domain. From same registrar transfers, its easy to push the domain. Other party doesn't have account in which your domain is regstered, just ask them to open an account which is free.

    If the other party do not want to open an account and want to transfer to their registrar, then (as txconx already mentioned above) unlock the domain and get the EPP code from your registrar(Most of the registrars will do it automatically with some clicks) and send it to the other party.

    2 Site Content
    Go to your php admin and select your wp database and hit the export button.(I hope you are using wordpress)
    For safe side, just export the xml file from your wp-admin backend(tools-export).This will export the articles,images and your permalinks structure.
    Send these sql file, xml file and your username and password to the other party.

    They have to install the wordpress and just import the sql file.

    that's it.

    I hope, i have covered everything.

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    Is it going to matter if I do it as an add on domain? That's what I know how to do. That's okay right? Or no?
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    Wow it's only $24.95 for a WHM account at Hostgator. But one thing that worries me - would I have to be the support person for these accounts? I'd prefer to transfer it completely OUT of my system and into someone else's hosting.

    Another worry is that even Hostgator, when talking about how they'll transfer a site for you, don't guarantee it'll work. If the main company is worried, what does that say for someone like me? LOL!
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    Outsource the move. Get someone else to do it. That way you can spend time selling the sites and not worry about the transfer. The domain name bit is easy. Just push the domain to the new customer and then ask them to update the nameservers to point to their own host. Then outsource the move - I've done plenty in my time - should cost no more than $20 which you can absorb into the sale.

    Once you find a good outsourcer, just email them the details of the old and new cPanel details and they should be able to take care of the rest.

    My point is, don't get hung up on the technical side of this when there are people out there ( like me ) that can do this quickly and without fuss for you.


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    Due to many people asking questions about how to transfer sites from one host to another after they sell a site, I've updated my Flip Ace product to include very detailed instructions on how to do this with many screenshots.

    But I've also created that portion of the ebook as a standalone ebook that I'm giving away here on the Warrior Forum for free ... no opt-in required.

    You can download it at

    I hope you find it useful and complete.

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    Oh Jesus H you mean I can outsource it for about $20?

    Consider me not caring anymore. I will PM you and go the outsourced route LOL
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    Suzanne, your guide is great but I am really technically challenged.

    ~ I go to the part where I choose "compress" I picked a name for the zip file...something like Is it supposed to be a full URL instead?

    ~ I click on compress but then I am not sure what to do next. I dont see the zip file. So I went over to phpMyAdmin and looked there and see nothing labeled with

    So I am getting lost between the compression part and the selecting database on left hand side and going to Export using tabs in center of screen. I just dont see where the zip file went.

    Thanks for any help.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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