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Good day everyone, This is my question: I have almost all my sites in french and have acess to more authority sites in english than in french. If I get backlinks from these authority sites in english will that help me rank my site in google search engines?Thanks in advance.
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    It will. Although I would guess that French sites would help more, I don't ever turn down an authority or high PR site no matter the language.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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      As long as the backlinks are relevant they will help you. I would work harder on your french keywords in the main but a few in english will help as well.

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    If you are worried about the negative impact than there will be no negative impact and yes it will definitely help your site rank well
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    Generally i believe the more back links and keywords you have linking to your original page the better..only problem is that the readers might be confused if they click from french to english but either way it'll get you visitors
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    My understanding is that the purpose of using backlinks is to generate improvement in serps as opposed to generating traffic. So on that basis this should definitely improve your rankings whatever language the pages in question are in.
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    Yes it will help and let me correct something here...

    The purpose of backlinks is to generate traffic, interest, branding, and increased rankings. Many make the mistake that backlinks are for the sole purpose of search rankings increase and they normally just slap a link anyplace they can no matter what content they are providing.

    You should be providing informative information along with seo'ed info. Now in your case it will help you stand out better as far as interest is concerned by posting it in french.. Why ? Well all the descriptions and such are in english so your would stand out due to the fact that it would not be english.

    This may spark more of an interest. The same goes for posting a english backlink on a french website....

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