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Hey warriors, this is a follow up to my last post seeking advice on marketing a last minute paid Webinar/Course.

Previous post here: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...h-webinar.html

I REALLY hope to get good response from senior warriors as I'm in DIRE need of help and this thread could serve as a great case study for others in the future.

Here's the deal:

Initially this course was supposed to launch Feb 16th (7 day lead time) making my task very hard. It has been pushed back to Feb 22nd (13 day lead) making my task a little less impossible.

I have 2 questions I'm trying to find answers to:

1) Can we expect to make money and build our list of buyers selling niche, 1 time mini-courses hosted on GoToMeeting for $89ish? (Is it common practice)

2) What is the most effective way to generate sales with a 13 day lead time?

I have an email list of 1400 (25% open usually), a facebook account with 2300 friends, a Facebook fan page with 380 fans and a ning community with 70 users.

To give you a better understanding of the product, here's a Press Release we had written for the course:

(DETROIT) Did you know that you can donate your upside down property to a qualified Community Development Corporation (CDC) and possibly take a substantial charitable gift to carry forward?

That's one of the many strategies to be explored by real estate guru Herb Strather in an exclusive Webinar on February 16.

Strather, who has closed dozens of gift sales and has lectured on the subject at Harvard Divinity School and the Stephen Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, usually charges well into four figures to share with investors his more than 30 years of insights. But he is offering this informative Webinar at a special rate of only $89.00.

The package includes a 90 minute instructional, case studies, proprietary forms, legal opinions and a Q & A session.

"I will show how you can enhance your return by working creatively with qualified 501 (c) 3 organizations," says Strather. "You should know that not all 501 (c) 3's are qualified to accept real estate gifts. However, those that are or those that qualify themselves can benefit greatly and help others (investors, developers, banks and donors) achieve their goals."

The Webinar (on GoToMeeting) will be broadcast Monday Feb. 22 from 8 until 10 p.m., and repeated again on Wednesday Feb. 24 from 3 to 5 p.m.

To sign up for the Webinar, visit www.stratheracademy.com

I'll be working 14 hour days leading up to Feb 22nd. I just want to make sure I use my time in the most effective way possible.

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    In my experience, webinars are often a free resource that companies provide their visitors. In the webinar, they provide some valuable knowledge and use that to sell their other products/services. Hubspot and ION for example do excellent at this.

    So - my suggestion is to not market it as a "webinar" since this is now mostly associated with free content, but as a course. I would suggest making a free webinar which gives away a little useful information and hints at how the information in your paid course will help them - and use the webinar to market your "online course" if that makes any sense.

    Since you have already started marketing your webinar - maybe you can create the free one, and then tell people that for a limited time you are going to be showing this webinar for free instead of the price you originally listed it for. Get those leads to view the free one and then sell them on the course.
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    I agree with Rebecca - do a free webinar and at the end give them a great deal (like a WSO) that others won't get on the full course. Then make your full course a video series or weekly/monthly webinar membership.

    I wish you the best on it!

    Grab a copy of my PPVGenius software today & fatten your wallet faster with your PPV campaigns!

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    Webnair is also other to grow your up your list and also helps to brand your product or make popular so every one will remember the brand name or logo.

    So you need to give good quality information and reason to stay with you so they can understand the value of your product will remain and stay with you...

    So do not introduce any sales pitch just give them a reason to join with you.

    I hope that helps.

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    You could offer something tangible as the $89 lead-in, and use the webinar as a value-added bonus. If that's feasible at this late date. Maybe put together some kind of CD or booklet package. Some kind of physical product, in other words, that you charge $89 for. Then use the webinar as a "free" bonus to explain in more detail what is in the product. Schedule some Q&A time at the end of the webinar to get some interaction going with the attendees. That's a great way to open up communication that can get them on your list and build trust for repeat business.

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