Please Critique My New Video

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What's up guys,

I just made this video for my product and I need some constructive criticism.

Do I sound professional? Do you think it will turn people off? Would this be appropriate for my sales page?

Creating video's like this myself is really not my thing but I gave it a shot.

Don't worry about the page it's on that's not what I'm using.

Link's in my sig

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    There is some disturbance in the audio which makes it difficult to listen to you. Otherwise everything seemed ok and professional to me Though the video quality can be improved.
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    Hey mike as long as you have put a video regarding your product I think that's a really good might wanna play around and clean up the images a bit..what software are you using?
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    I'd boost the volume...I have mine all the way up and can barely hear you. Maybe go a little bit faster through it. Take a look at some of the other sales videos that are done by IM gurus and you'll find that most of them speak a little bit faster or maybe loud and with more excitement would be good too! Great start!! Oh and I think it would be helpful to have more background about yourself and a photo or two...would be nice to make a deeper connection with you at beginning of video so we know who we are listening to and can "see" you as a person!
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      I think it's overall good. You have an interesting voice and you hook people in. I recommend doing around 10 takes and among those 10 you are guaranteed to have a good one. Also, doing multiple takes makes you relax and speed up as you talk.

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    Nice work! I think the audio is a little fuzzy. That may be an issue with mic distance or mic quality. Try moving the mic closer to you.

    Also, I like the variety in your tone and pitch. You may want to speed up the pace a little. Try to make the pauses between sentences as minimal as possible. Keep moving forward and your listeners will move forward with you.

    Good job!
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    The audio is kinda hard to hear but apart from that I do like it.
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      Thanks everyone for your feedback. That's just what I needed to hear. I'll do it over and talk louder and faster. Your feedback has really increased my confidence so I'm going to go ahead and do a few more takes.

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    Are you really seeing $12 k a month like the video says? All you gotta do is convince ME that you are and I'm buying your system regardless of the cost, putting it into action and then showing all my friends how to do the same thing! Instant viral action can happen if what your selling is the real deal.

    You wont even have to worry about shooting any more video...
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