good vs bad email marketing: your views

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I just checked my inbox and there was this email from a well known guru I am subscribed to:
Hey {firstname},

Check this out!

Affiliate url

Thank me later.

Now there is nothing wrong with this email, in fact it only has one call to action and doesn't give its reader much choice, but that's not the point, lately all the emails I have been getting from this guy are like this only.

Could this be a part of marketing test, or he simply doesn't care what he is blasting to his list( this guy has an enormous list too)?

Then there is this other dude, who also sends me email regularly, now all his emails are geared towards a launch that he is doing or a JV, but they are in a sequence and he provides valuable tips related to the subject along the way, and from the looks of his blog, these messages are very well received.

I think that's important because this second dude is trying to build a long term following rather than a quick sale, providing value along the way and we all should try to build a long term responsive lists by providing content rich information, that's geared towards a sale or an event.

What do you think?
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    My feeling is towards the long term........many of the emails I get obviously are from some quick buck marketers....

    many times the quick guys are offering crap products,,,,,,

    Help for new marketers

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      good vs bad email marketing
      Why does it have to be either of those?

      There are no absolutes in this game. Do what works for you and your list.



      Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    My take would be .. both .. And I do both in different niches.

    In some niches there are rabid buyers spending thousands of dollars per year / buyer for all the products they can get in their niche and related niches. These are worth the effort you put into creating a relationship. Also if you have a membership site, you have to create trust and that will certainly pay off.

    But for some other niches, it's just more efficient to blast them off with offers aggressively.

    Both techniques work, but you have to be the judge of what works best.. For You

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    according to my point of view, email marketing is good in one hand, and bad in other hand. I will tell both so choose one that is ok to you.

    when we promote a product we use opt in email list; but so many webmaster don't use this form because the visitor may think the site is asking to fill some form. So user won't come again, this would be the reason for not having the opt-in-email list.

    if a physical showroom, we can recognize who has come to our office, but in internet daily so many person visiting lots of sites, among them we need to find a potential user or customer who is interested to purchase the product.

    if we don't have opt in email list we can check the visitors counts, and traffic source from various analytic tools, but what is the use, just they have visited, how do we know a potential customer among those visitors.

    if a person is entering his information like email and name, he is not just trying to know what is it? he may be interested to buy later also. as a product owner or affiliate we need to collect the potential customer base, then we approach in email marketing, for 10% sales will give you more than $1000 in month.

    after we got the email or name of the user, we need to convince them via discount, offer coupon, festival offer, function ticket etc. see CPA companies are ready to give $2-$20 for a valid lead and not a sale. what they are doing, they have good source to convince the customer to purchase their product.

    that is why they are ready to lose $2-$20 for just giving the email, zip code, form filling etc. In that point we can get a solution, the collected email list, we can assure 80% of the person is truly interested to buy our product. So we can approach them to increase our sales ratio.

    To avoid better sales, a good product creator will use company emails
    ending with your own domain name.and not use free services like gmail, yahoo, msn because when we approach a customer in email, he just look the text only,he must trust us, so if we use our company email he will realize the professionalism.

    On the bad side, we need to track check every questions, esquires from the user, but in online, we always use to send news letters, automatic reply message from a out sourced guys like getresponse, etc. they are getting the actual feel of the customer, what was the need of the customer? in that point we are losing some potential customer.

    everything is positive and negative, the fact is how we handle it. I told my experience in email marketing, this will help to you get an idea.
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      Nothing annoys me more than I buy a product join their buyers list and day in day out some offer comes in.

      I unsubscribe simplez! Hey you just sold me the product of my dreams(your marketing hype) why pitch pitch pitch unless it is very highly related to what you just sold me?

      That does not build respect. However only sending offers that are carefully thought through and will add value for me will get me to spend more over the long term.

      >>>>> IM Know How<<<<<
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